Friday, 24 April 2015


Howdy folks,

I recently jumped into finishing up a project that I started in much anticipation many many years ago...I was a bright eyed, wet behind the ears gamer with visions of German Airborne troops dropping from above...that was about 7 years ago, lol...

In my haste and keenness I bought the Fallschirjager company box and a bunch of support blisters...I prepped them with care and then like many little soldiers they hurried up and waited.  A few years back I started doing some proper painting on them and then was distracted again.  This past Christmas I made an effort to not only get them painted but to also get them based.

Using some inspiration from various Flames of War postings as well as a very great Ortona section at the Canadian War Museum I now had a way forward.  For this post I have some of the Headquarters elements and one of the combat platoons.  I just have to finish the bases on the recoiless rifle platoon and the pioneer platoon...more to follow in the future on them.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics...views and advice are greatly appreciated.

 Company Headquarters - Commander and 2ic

Company Commander Iron Hans

Pretty Klaus - Hardcore company 2ic

Warrior Von der Hydte

  Company Headquarters - Mortars

Company Headquarters - Sniper teams

Combat Platoon

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Air Cavalry - the Blues

Hey folks,

First of all, thanks for the comments and advice on how to finish up my blues...first world problems and all that.  I must say that I'm surprised how much I did like the flocked look to the Blues...I ended up trying out the flock and made a very deliberate attempt to put the flock exactly where I wanted...because afterall, I do like the detail and contour that I was able to get from the bases.

The theme behind this platoon in part stems from the air assault sequence in Apocalypse Now and the idea of the platoon moving through a beat up, somewhat dried up ville...

As always, thanks for the looks, thanks for the advice.


Aerorifle Platoon...the Blues, group shot

Aerorifle Platoon Commander (right)...surprise Warrior Team (left)
 Warrior Team Kilgore...what Air Cav unit would be complete without him?!?

The Blues...

Monday, 20 April 2015

Dilemma? Well maybe not that bad...

Hey folks,

Just a quick post today...I appreciate the advice and views from yesterday.  I thought I'd follow up with a test are the bases completed with using paint only.  I took the pics from my normal shooting area with my iPhone:

Here is one of the bases with flock...thoughts:

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Minor dilemma's...Air Cav

Howdy folks,

I'm trying this post from my iPad, so bear with me:

I thought I'd look to the community to get some advice...I have recently finished the last of my grunts for my Air Cavalry force.  At the moment I am in the final stages of basing the troops and am unsure how to progress...I have used a lot of colours on the base to represent foliage colour but I'm uncertain whether to flock or not?

Thoughts? Here are a couple of pics of where I'm at...they are a little yellowed from the lighting and camera, but hopefully they'll help.

Thanks and take care.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Panzers Up...

Howdy folks,

Thought I'd try to catch up on my posts this weekend...I haven't been on the computer much of late, however I have been hitting the workbench.  This weekend I finished up my first SAGA unit, a four man Crusader Hearthguard, last weekend I finished up five Panzer IV H's, and the weekend before last I finished up my first attempt at Battlefront plastics, three Stug's from the Open Fire box.

The plastics worked out pretty good for was a bit different to get used the moment I'm not sure yet if prep work is easier with plastics or not...but we shall see in the future.  For me, the Open Fire box was a great deal! Three platoons of infantry and nine vehicles for a very low prize is a great motivator.

The Panzer IV's are from the older metal box from a few years ago that I bought in anticipation of one of our campaigns.  My painting speed was certainly not up to having them ready in time and I thought I'd get them prepped for our next campaign.

Finally, I have to admit that this post is also thanks in part to my buddy Duncan's comment to my Crusaders that he's having a tough time staying motivated with all the SAGA posts he's seen from the community of late... are my Stugs and Panzers.  Enjoy the pics, any questions you may have are always welcome.  Critique and advice are always helpful.


The Panzer IV H...
The commander...battle damaged and prepped to go...
Panzer IV with random off coloured schurtzen to replace those damaged beyond repair 
The 2ic...or platoon commander (when my other box is done)...painted up in SS pea-dot camo.  Panzer is a little worse for ware but still truckin along... 
Group shot...they'll work as a platoon for now and then be part of a Panzer IV platoon when the other box is done. 
Open Fire Stugs...Stug commander 

Stug #2... 
#3...just a little scratch ...harder to model damage in plastics...
Group shots...
picture without flash...
picture with flash... 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Beginning of a new...SAGA...well for me at least

Howdy folks,

Nope, I don't have any inside scoops on pending or future developments from the folks at Gripping Beast...sorry.  But what I do have is the beginnings of my newest gaming interest.  Specifically the Dark Ages, with much of the blame going to my buddy Mike for exposing me to the game and my buddy Duncan for lending me the Crescent and Cross rulebook.

Mike spread the word on his blog about a SAGA themed painting contest by the folks over at WWPD.  The objective is to paint up a unit of troops either hearthguard, warrior, or levy and post a pic with a link to more of your unit.

So, here's hoping that I get my post up in time and hopefully I have some talent to be able to be amongst some very fine painters...I'm pretty pumped, I've only ever entered one other painting we shall see.

Take care.

My unit: a four man Hearthguard, on foot with heavy weapons for my fledgling Crusader warband.

The pics: because these pics were primarily for the painting contest, my lovely wife lent me her camera and I thought I'd also try a different shooting location...

The Hearthguard...
The Axeman
An overhead shot to try to highlight some of the basing work...
The Swordsman... 
 The Swordsman...full colour and epic historical