Friday, 21 February 2014

Howdy folks,

Needless to say, but life definitely gets in the way of ones hobbies, etc...the Christmas break was outstanding and I was able to get a lot of figs finished up. As well, with the new year upon us I was busy getting some new minis prepped...I know, if you're like me, the last thing you actually need is more lead...but hey, they were from under the tree.

I started prepping a small IDF force (circa '67-'73) as well as the start of a Syrian tank force to play in our groups upcoming 'Fate of Nations'. Of course, not without sidetracks, I also received some more M113s in the mail and have started prepping them as well. I don't expect to get paint on them for some time, however I have them earmarked for some 4CMBG Canadian troops (circa mid-late '80s).

Anyhow, here are some finished shots of more miniatures. I recently completed some Battlefront DD Shermans for D-day as well as somemore Wild West Artizan figs.  Based for Force on Force (very awesome ruleset), I have completed 2 testers for early90s Canucks in Africa (suitable for Canadian Airborne Regiment...perhaps); for these I used Battlefront Vietnam Aussies because of the bush cap looking very similar to what we used up until mid-lat 90s.  And lastly, a couple of random vehicles.


Battlefront DD Shermans 

28mm Artizan Wild West figs.

Tester minis for Canucks (BF Aussies)
Random - 15mm Peter Pig Toyota and BF Kubelwagon

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