Friday, 28 September 2018

Summer road trip, Cyber-hiatus, and Tornadoes...Yes, I am still alive!

Howdy everyone...

To say it has been a little bit since I last posted kind of sounds like a bit of an understatement...I think I'm looking back to June since my last post.  As the title might indicate, the past months have not been without their excitement and some tense moments.

Yup, there was a summer road trip involved...we packed up the family and followed-up on one of our MUST DO's as a family.  We drove across Canada as far west as Lake Louise, Alberta...between here and there we made a few stops, had a lot of laughs, some fun, and a few shots of anger.  Although, when all was said and done (8,500 kilometres there and back) we certainly did not rank anywhere near any Family Vacation meltdowns.  And no, Christy Brinkley didn't stalk me along the way...and I'm pretty sure I didn't see Thor distracting my wife either. 

Had the chance to get back to Shilo, Manitoba and check out the Royal Canadian Artillery museum and see where I had gone through battle school a summer or two ago.  I'll post some pics of the museum in another post.

As per my usual habit, I did settle into a computer free existence for a bit this summer...between working as a slave to the 1's and 0's all day at work and trying to maximize chill time as things get busier, it is just nice to take a break from time to time.

And finally, it has been confirmed, there were upwards of 6 tornadoes that hit Ontario last I worked to get finished up on some last minute paperwork I was able to see a couple of funnel clouds form and retract as they travelled along the Ottawa River.  I certainly consider myself in the lucky category as that was my experience did not include the extremely up close and overly personal.

All that to say, howdy...I hope your summers have gone well...and, yup, I am alive and fairly well.

My next post will include some of the latest pieces that have come off the painting table...Star Wars Legion, Team Yankee, and an assortment of other figures.

Take care.