Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Legion Update

Howdy all,

I hope summer is treating you all well...we're starting to get some interesting weather on this side of the continent and certainly hitting some high temps.  Although, from what I see on the Weather Network, others are definitely feeling the heat.  Anyway, I have nonetheless tried to keep a steady pace on the workbench...and I finally have the time to post up some progress that I made leading into summer on my Legion 'lead' pile. 

The main challenge was trying to get black to show well enough without 'graying' it out too much...and for the troops, I wanted to get a high degree of variety amongst the figures to keep going with that 'tatooine militia' theme that I started with.

I hope you enjoy the pics, I'll leave various words with a few of the pics...thanks for the views.

My main inspiration for the Emperor was the box art and some screen caps from Return of the Jedi...I found it tricky getting the black and shades of black right.  I really didn't want to over dilute them with gray, but needed to try to get a decent highlight.  With that, I also had a brief internal debate on how to base him...all of my figs to date are based around 'tatooiney' type terrain...but I couldn't picture the Emperor lowering himself to hit the field himself...so I kept it very RotJ and very DeathStar shiny floor...

The worst part of taking pictures is trying to get the detail in the pic the same to what I see...I really like how the figure turned out...it painted up super quick...I like the gnarled cane, there are some great detail lines in his face and hands...I'll try to get better pics next time.

Tatooine Militia...the second squad/section...I really enjoyed painting these figs up...to make them stand out from the heavy brown/tan/desert looking first section I went with some hollywood 80s inspiration...
thank you "Tatooiiiinnne Wolveriiiiinnes"...

My inspiration for this section was Hoth and my impatience for FFG to release the Rebel Snowtroopers...also, at this point I had painted up 2 sections for a desert based force...and I thought, why not Hoth...they could certainly find a place as support troops, installation troops, 'rear echelon' types...any of those.
Going with this theme, the decision on how to paint them was too easy...I relied heavily on screen caps from Empire and box art from FFG.  I adapted the clothing and colours, tried to make sure they looked really really cold...and I have to say, I am very happy with how they turned out.

2019 Expedition up Mt. Lead.

28mm          23 (+15)
15mm          3

 Bought:       1 (+1, emperor)

Progress:   +25

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Team Yankee Canucks - Recce Support for 4 CMBG

Howdy all,

I know it has been a while since my last update, the way of my world has not included much online time of late, but I am still making headway on my painting.  Earlier, I was able to make a little progress on my 4 CMBG Canuck force with the addition of a recce element.  It is only 2 x Lynx's at the moment, however I'm thinking it might be worth getting a second element.

Afterall, the figs do paint up quite quickly; I think the prep time took longer than the painting time for these figs.  I took the same approach that I have taken thus far with all my M113s...do some research, look at the paint scheme references, and get the colours together.  This time however, to make these little guys 'pop' or show up better on the battlefield, I elected to limit the amount of add-ons, etc.

For the first time, I get to see the entire paint scheme...kinda neat...

Anyway, here are the pics...I hope you enjoy.


2019 Expedition up Mt. Lead.

28mm          8 (+8)
15mm          3 (+3)

 Bought:       0

Progress:   +11

Thursday, 2 May 2019

An Attempt at Cruel Seas

Howdy folks,

I've been under the weather over the past week or so...just another top off to an outstanding start to the new year...ugh.  With all the awesome changes in the weather over the past few, it has been truly outstanding for my ears - unfortunately it does take some time away from painting and certainly steals time from gaming.  BUT, it can always be worse and I'm pushing with trying to get caught up with my postings...

Back in February sometime, I had the chance to meet up with Mike and Duncan to give Cruel Seas a try.  Not being very nautical by nature, I nonetheless had seen some excellent reviews and a lot of great looking painting in the blog-e-sphere so I thought what the hell.  First impressions, the game was very quick to grasp, the models looked great, and the gaming process was pretty relaxed and easy to pick up...I can't wait to try again!

Now, because I am a little...deliberate...with my postings (of course by deliberate, I am trying to put a much nicer tone to the word procrastinate)...Mike and Duncan have already went ahead and posted their versions of the tale.

Mike's version of events
The seas from Ducnan's perspective... and of course, thank you for hosting!

Rather than try to invent words and recollections, please enjoy the pics below...I'll have the odd comment with them, but please enjoy...it is an excellent looking game and with the painting and great looking matt...the game truly does look spectacular.

Looking forward to the next voyage...take care.

The setup on my side...left side of the board, Mike is my cohort with bigger guns...

a little wave to Mike...hello

a quick look to the opposite corner, Duncan is marshalling his convoy...

nothing to stress over...move forward, advance to contact, avoid the rocksand shoals...

The big picture...

moving my boats to hit the first one...

Mike, giving the business to Duncan's motor boat...

I push my one boat to the larger ships...my first 2 go after the quick muscle...

Duncan took some pain from my second boat...my first has a surprise in store for him...

...running him down like nautical roadkill!! It ends up working...I think...and I get some serious damage and the kill...

I realign my attack path...and let fly with some torpedoes!!

The big ships are skirting the torps pretty good...and there were some duds if I remember...

but some damage does get through...

I launch all 4 torp's from number 2...number 3 takes some hits from the convoy...and number 1 is limping from his 'minor' collision...

If I remember correctly, this was pretty much the end...Mike fired some torp's with some success, I was able to let loose from 2 of my boats finishing off Mike's work and getting a high roll with my second salvo.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

NEW GAME!!! Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles

Howdy folks,

As advertised, I bought a new game!! And being a big long time fan of Battlestar Galactica it was kind of a 'had to'...and let me be clear, by long time fan, I can remember being a young guy watching my first episodes on a very small black and white television.  And if you're curious, I am in fact a fan of Ron Moore's BSG reimagining as well...personally, I think having Richard Hatch on board was an excellent touch and nod to his talent and passion for Battlestar Galactica as a whole...

Anyhow, I saw the game advertised last year and was pretty excited to see how it would look...I checked out a couple of unboxings online and was pretty impressed.  Thanks to one of my LGS I was able to order in a copy of the starter box (<cough...I did also just recently pick up a second...cough>).
The lad and I decided to give a quick go a few weekends back...while the box comes with a 2v2 combo, we elected to go a 1v1 game for speed and focus using the basic rules.  Like many games these days, there are the basic 'get you in the fight' rules and the more advanced 'watch me do this' type rules.
The box itself is pretty high end quality...the ships come pre-painted and actually look really good! The game pieces are fairly solid using thick stock, the cards are nice as well, I'm curious to see how they will hold out in the longer run and am pondering copying them and having a 'grubby hands' set and a 'I like nice stuff' set.  We'll see.
The game went well (pics and stuff below) and with the second box, I think I may give this a go as a game for CanGames in May...either as quick demos or scenario game...
Anywho, enjoy the pics...take care.
The general idea is to track your speed, heading, and 'altitude' -- for the basic rules, we just used speed and heading -- including inertial drift, etc.  My son and I messed around with the manoeuvre cards to get familiar with them as well.  On one side is the picture of the spacecraft (viper or cylon) and on the other is an image of the manoeuvre.  On any given card you can have the manoeuvre with 1-4 variations depending on your speed.  The idea is to line up the card with the base of your spacecraft and then move the vessel along the line finishing where the track of the manoeuvre finishes (I'll try to get a pic for next time to better demo). 
This is kinda nifty and maybe gimmicky...ala Battlestar, the cards have no top or bottom corners and look a lot like a pyramid deck (for you Battlestar geeks...).
All of this to say...we messed around with the cards, got familiar with the basic mechanics...and then tried to close in and do some damage, ala picture above...
...picture below...a far-er out look at the scene...the Viper is closing in for first shots... 

As you can see, each spacecraft is very nicely detailed and REALLY nicely painted!! A big bonus...I'm not sure I could have replicated either scheme and I know I would have angsted and OCD'ed over it..
First gun pass is over, the Cylon takes some damage...some good shooting on my part...the lad preferred the look of the Cylon raider over the Viper

as you can see in upper right...there are measuring sticks...they show the range constraints and modifiers...on the back side, they even account for slant range when you are using the advanced rules with 'altitude'...very cool...in this pic, we both moved as quickly as possible from each other and are setting up for another pass.

More setup...

The lad does some bold manoeuvring to line up a shot...and gets 0 damage for his piloting...good for me!

He sees me, he shoots me...I see him, I...well you know.  For my efforts I get 4 more points of damage on his Raider. 
For the folks in the nose-bleeds...overview...

We each push our vectors and pass out of each others arc of fire...it is fairly narrow, approx 30 degrees...so if you want to do damage, you gotta steer like you mean it.

a bunch of cards later and no pics to show for it...the lad lines up very nicely on me...takes his shot...I'm feeling pretty good about this because he hasn't tagged me yet and I have about 12-ish (1 or 2 points higher than the Cylon IIRC)...

2 more cards later and I can't shake the bugger, he gets 2 shots in a row...I take 14 points which kills my ship...I suppose in a campaign I would punch out at this time and wait for the CSAR Raptor...the damage markers indicate total damage which are drawn from bag...or in our case a Starbucks mug (subtle right?)...with the idea you are not picking the damage, it is still some bit of chance.  As well, when you draw one, if there is a plus (+) on it, then you draw a second.  In the advanced rules, if there is an icon (i.e. the pilot helmet above) then there is also some additional modifiers to be applied.

While my first shot really hurt him, 8 points, my second fell short, and I could not get a third...the boy pulls a victory in our first engagement.

Overall, a very enjoyable game, fairly easy to grasp...certainly the basic rules were quick to get down...and we both had a great time...the figures look outstanding and I can't wait to see what expansions are coming.
Take care.