Saturday, 5 January 2019

Last Figs of the Year...and quick Recap

Howdy folks,

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, I hope the holidays were kind to you and yours...we've had an on again off again relationship with winter this holiday we still have snow on the ground but are hovering around +1C so it could go either way.

The final stages of the year certainly kept me distracted from keeping my posting momentum, however I was still able to get some solid painting in...and I think I finished the year on an upswing having pushed through some terrain pieces, some Legion, and random other pieces.  Having put my toe and foot into Star Wars Legion, I have been working through the expansion boxes that are of particular interest for me...their terrain expansion offers a great range of aesthetic for any tabletop and has some options for objectives.

Ready yourself for a bunch of pics in compensation for a lack of posting this year.  Cheers and all the best in the new year!!

As you can see, the box offers 12 pieces that includes 4 moisture vaporators, 3 communication stations, and 5 crates of various size and makeup.  For the comm stations, I have based them for 3 possible 'settings'...Hoth, somewhere desert/arid, and black shiny floor for any Imperial installation.
just a slightly more overhead look...and a few closer looks of the other pieces...
By the end of the year I had also finished up a few Legion characters and finally finished up the last of my Rogue Stars figures that I had gotten a Christmas or two ago.  In a lot of ways, I'm glad that it took me some time to get to these last Rogue figures...there was a lot of detail in the Rogue that my previous painting style would not have done justice too...and the Smuggler was a challenge, the cast of the face made it difficult for me to get some proper features...but I tried my best with it, and after re-reading the description from North Star, I was able to get to a result that I was happy with.

The Rogue and the Smuggler...
A lot of great detail elements in this model meant a little extra care to make sure I was able to get them all to pop out... 

The Smuggler...centuries old...cosmetic surgery addict...with a gun

Finally, I worked through some commander expansions for Legion...Boba Fett and Han Solo are both great looking figures, although I think I would've preferred a different setting for Solo...but hey, it works in the overall theme.  Of the two, the Fett Man was definitely the most challenging to undertake...this figure has a lot of elements to it, all with differing colour palettes and shades, and it can be a little intimidating trying to make it all fit, because let me tell you, there is some great artwork and graphics out there of this dude.  Here are a couple of pics to tease, I'll post separately on these two...

 And lastly, here are some random terrain pieces that I finished up in the final days of the year.

From Mantic...

and simply cannot recall where this came from...

Now, this is normally the point where I take last years objectives and go through to see how I actually did...saving a few keystrokes, I will sum it up this way...the expedition for 2018 was somewhat didn't reach the heights that I wanted it to and the final tallies are definitely much lower than previous years.  However, there was some considerable adjustments to my free-time throughout the year and my posting and painting output certainly reflected that.  All in all, I consider a solid base camp has been established to support next years climb.

For 2019, my goals are simply to push with Legion to the point of hopefully getting a table or two of terrain together to run some demo games at CanGames this year.  I want to continue with my 4CMBG force and there is some Stalingrad gaming coming up at the club, so anything I can do to get figs together for that will be awesome.

Lead Mountain Progress - Expedition 2018
28mm: figures: 48 (+4)
            vehicles: 3
            terrain: 17 (+17)
15mm: figures: 12
             vehicles: 17
             terrain: 1
Purchased - 40 (+14...legion Boba Fett, Solo, terrain)
Progress - +58