Monday, 11 May 2020

Stormtrooper White Noise

Howdy folks,

I hope everyone is healthy and safe...if there can be any silver lining in our current situation, it has to be all the great posts I've been reading from folks getting extra time with the hobby and for those folks who are either returning or stepping into this hobby for the first time.

Whether it is in the painting or gaming aspects...welcome to and good luck in the hobby. The camaraderie aspect is in your future.

For anyone that has been keeping up with my sporadic posting schedule you will probably recall my lament from my previous post.  Like anyone who has stepped into any type of Star Wars themed painting, when it comes to painting stormtroopers, it can get rather tedious at some point.


I like to call this white noise.

Having painted 4 sections of troopers and having other expansions in my future, I was approaching this with some hesitation.  So, with a box of Scout Troopers and a box of Death Troopers this offered a chance for a different colour (i.e. the Death Troopers) and an opportunity to move away from the standard scheme (i.e. the Scouts).

The Death Troopers were fairly 'simple'...I had plenty of Rogue One screen shots to look at, and I always have my main painting guru, Sorastro, to refer to.  Painting a black based scheme was quite challenging but I really like how they turned out...using Vallejo colours, I based with 995 and then first coat was mix of black and gunmetal blue.  From there it was varying shades on that adding in some white.  The wash was a mix of citadel nuln oil and army painter blue (comes out quite nice and dark - somewhat similar to nightshade).  In my research, I had also seen folks paint up a lot of residual lighting effect from the various sensors and lights on the troopers...taking a quick watch of Rogue One and looking at the behind the scenes book, there really isn't much residual glow, however I do like the effect (thanks Sorastro) so I took a middle ground stance of some but not too much.

For the Scouts, I had to paint anything other than plain white! For this I googled scout troopers and found an interesting collection of painting shots, concept art, and images.  Because I was trying to keep with the 'tatooine' theme that I started with, I based my troops in vj 995 and then hit them with deck tan and then mixed in some ivory.  As well, I hit random spots on each figure with US Tan Earth painting 'blocks' or sections of tan to match in with my bases.  After that, I then hit them with mixed wash of citadel nuln oil and army painter strong and dark tones.  Once dry, I went back and hit some of the creases with more dark tone and some random highlights of glossy white and tan earth.

In the end, they came out very scout and fitted with what Reece troops really do...adapt their kit to mission at hand...and I'm really happy with the results.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020


28mm          46 (+13, 7 x scouts, 6 x death troops)
15mm          35

Bought:       0 (these were bought last year)

Progress:    +81

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Star Wars Legion - Stormtroopers and Chewie

Howdy everyone,

Another isolation fuelled update.  While I am thankful I can still work from home, the ongoing restrictions has kept me in at night and given me opportunity to keep up the painting.  I am now finished all of the Stormtroopers from the core box as well as the expansion box...although there are now some additional firepower troops available that I'll have to see about buying...thanks FFG.

If I haven't said it yet, I gotta say it now...painting rows of Stormtroopers does leave one seeing white noise after a while...kinda like M113 fatigue, Stormtrooper fatigue IS REAL!! With that in mind, I am happy with how they turned out, and am happy to be done...for now, lol.

I have Scout Troopers in my future, so I'll have to see how to change it up.

Now, one way to lessen the 'noise' I wanted to add some weathering and mudding to the troops to get away from all that white.  Anyway, here are 2 sections of troopers freshly painted.

Chewbacca was a great model to put together and was a bit of a challenge to paint up...for this, I turned to Sorastro to see how I could tackle this and get my 'wet blend' on...very happy with the results and really happy that his base matched nicely with Han's.

Enjoy the pics.

Red and Blue sections...ready to push-off...

Blue Section...
A great part of painting these guys up is trying to bring out any highlights that are possible...throwing on a couple of washes as part of the last steps certainly helped to bring them out.

Red Section...suitably weathered up for service on faraway outposts...

The formation so far...three sections of Stormtroopers, ready to go, based for Tatooine, Jedah, or any other desertlike setting.

Chewbacca, Rebel operative and longtime sidekick, colleague, and friend of Han Solo...the fur was a little challenging but more along the lines of getting the layout right.  Once I was happy with the general layout, the wet-brushing actually went really quick

Chewie standing tall with Han...

Hike up Lead Mountain, 2020


28mm            33 (+15, 14 x Stormtroopers, 1 x Chewie)
15mm            35

Bought:         0 (these were bought last year)

Progress:     +68