Sunday, 13 September 2020

Marvel Crisis Protocol - first look

Howdy all,

Another COVID addition to the painting table, I recently tried my brush at Atomic Mass Games Starlord and the Hulk. I liked the pose for Starlord and enjoyed watching Sorastro’s I thought, hey...I’ll support my new LGS and try out these Marvel figures.

So, I scooped up the figs when I saw them and thought I’d give a try at some new techniques and colour schemes. Gotta say, I’m pretty happy with the figures, they stand at 32mm plus, they have some great details, and I really like that they included extra dynamic bases with Starlord. It’s nice to have options. The only con I can think of is that even though they are larger scaled, the assembly can sure be finicky and frustrating...dry fit as you go, best piece of advice I can offer.

Anyway, if you haven’t looked, google up Sorastro, check out his website, YouTube, and if you are inclined, I would recommend his Patreon. Enjoy the pics, stay safe, and comments and constructive critiques are always welcome.

Starlord was a hoot to paint up...the rocket plume and effect was a great detail and addition to the dynamics of the figure...but by god it took some frustrating quality OCD to get finished. I really like how Sorastro tackled the leather on this figure, it stands as one of my favourite single elements.

The Hulk was a definite exercise in green and how many shades can I create...I think this is the largest model I’ve painted. In the end, he painted up quite nicely.

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020

28mm               56 (+2, Starlord and the Hulk)
15mm               75

Bought:            -2 (starlord and hulk)

Progress:          +129

Monday, 7 September 2020

Team Yankee - 4CMBG Infantry Platoon

Howdy folks,

I hope all is well on your end of the various isolations and measures. At the beginning of the year I was able to finish up the grunts for my mech platoon. It took me this long to figure how exactly I wanted to base them and get them painted up.

Within the history of 4 CMBG the infantry component comprised rotations of several different battalions of a variety of regiments from the army, including the main Regular Force regiments of today: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), sometimes referred to as the army of the west; Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR), based in the East; and the Royal Vingt-deuxieme Regiment (R22eR, or the VanDoos), the French Canadian based regiment.

Each of these regiments have a long-standing history in the Canadian army and have numerous battle honours highlighting their experience. At the time of Team Yankee, each regiment had time overseas in Germany...the Royals were in Lahr from the 70’s to 1984 and then 1988 to 1993 (Lahr’s closure), the VanDoos were present throughout Lahr’s existence, and the Patricias served before Canadians moved to Lahr and served a tour in Lahr from 1984 to 1988.

For the most part there were very few differences between the Regiments...they used the same vehicles, weapons, and uniforms...the obvious difference of course being the English and French language. However, as the RCR had a heavy presence in the Maritimes, you had a lot of bilingual troops as well.

For my grunts, the 113’s are pretty much interchangeable, I modeled them after images from all 3 regiments...but after some feedback from a few buddies, I made sure to have my grunts with predominantly green faces. While I can’t speak for the others, the Patricias were always cam’ed up in face can certainly see this on google when they were mounted and dismounted. So, technically my grunts are the army of the west, but they’ll work for any timing from early 1970’s up to 1987...for those wondering, 1987 was when Canada adopted a new series of weapons transitioning to the c6, c7, c8, and c9...

Anyway, enjoy the more platoon to go and the rifle company will be complete...take care.

The platoon with formation commander, or OC of the company out front
The platoon commander along with radio operator on a standard FoW medium base...

The rest of the platoon...

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020

28mm               54
15mm               75 (+32, Canadian Mech Infantry Platoon)

Bought:            0 (this pack was bought over a year ago)

Progress:          +129

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Quick update - Hasslefree Rogue Drax

Howdy folks,

Just a quick update today...I recently finished up a great looking figure that I bought from Hasslefree quite some time ago. Easily usable in many settings/themes, the Rogue Drax was going to fit into my Zona Alfa game that I was going to run for CanGames this past May.

I have intentionally painted the basing on this one to match some of my previous Rogue Stars figures, so there will be some continuity there. Overall, my inspiration for this Drax was Officer K from BladeRunner 2049...

I hope I captured it well, and regardless am very happy with the results.

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020

28mm          54 (+1, Rogue Drax)
15mm          43

Bought:       0

Progress:    +97

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Star Wars Legion - Commandos

Happy August folks,

After a longer than expected pause, I'm working on getting my posting mojo back. I realized that there was 3 months between yeah, the painting has continued, but the posting has taken a back seat.

No worries though, I'm glad to show the latest batch of Rebels that I was able to get painted up. Now I have to admit, this group was probably the most difficult to get painted. There are some nice poses and they look good...but to be completely honest, they were probably the worst box that I've put together to date. The pieces did not fit easily together and I had to make some patches to the pieces to get the to fit. For the pieces that did fit together I had to repair numerous gaps, for the pieces that could not fit together, I had to do some surgery and cut away blockages, etc.

I think the assembly woes put me off on the painting and these figures took about a month to paint up and probably took another month to get pictures...all in all, not the best painting experience, but if that is the worst thing to happen to me in a given day, then that makes for a great f'ing day!!

The main goal with painting was to try out some new camouflage patterns, match the figures thematically with my Tatooine Wolverines, and to have a few nods to the Commandos as portrayed in the Return of the Jedi movie (and FFG Commandos box art).

Regardless, I'm happy to have them off the table and ready to go. Enjoy the pics.

The team... 

3 different camo patterns... 

Frontal views... 

The sniper is an excellent pose... 

My favourite of the schemes

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020

28mm          53 (+7, commandos)
15mm          43

Bought:       0 (these were bought a while ago)

Progress:    +96

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Thank God the guns...1 RCHA - Ubique

Howdy folks,

"Everywhere whither right and glory lead" 

I hope all is well on your side of the isolation. I'm happy to be able to show you my latest addition for my 4 CMBG Canucks, A battery, 1 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Now as the picture below shows from deployment in Afghanistan, the RCHA of today are now equipped with the M777 howitzer.

However, during the Cold War, and certainly in the setting of Team Yankee, the weapon of 'choice' for the RCHA was the M109 self propelled howitzer. The Canadian Forces adopted the M109A1 in the early 1970s, this model is the one that Battlefront lists as the Canadian version in their 109 box. By the late 70s plans were afoot to field the 'upgunned' and upgraded to the M109A2 in the early 80s and by 1985, all regiments in the RCHA ou en francais, le RALC. If I recall correctly, the Canadians would continue upgrading their guns and by the time they were retired in the early 2000's, the RCHA was using the M109A4+.

I have certainly enjoyed my 4CMBG project, however my biggest pet-peeve is that Battlefront got their research wrong and gave the Canucks the wrong gun. When I was scaling this project, I jumped at the chance to buy a couple of US 109 boxes on sale...assuming the only difference would be the cards. When BF was able to get to the Free nations, I was somewhat horrified to see their Canadian version.

Horror aside, to I committed to the 'accurate' depiction and kept with the long guns. In addition, because i was exercising some OCD on this project, I also scratch built the panoramic telescope which I had never seen stowed before...all the pics I had seen from my brother and google shows the ballistic cover atop the turret. And like most of my 4CMBG vehicles to date...lots and lots of camo netting.

In my research, in numerous photos you can see that the gunners laid down tarps before laying the camouflage netting overtop; I tried to capture this with a few of the models. In addition, it was not uncommon to deploy the .50 caliber with the OPs for point defence when the battery was in position. With the finickyness of the metal guns on these models I constantly kept breaking the .50's off so it was fairly easy to model this habit. If you don't see a .50, that's ok...the OP has it.

I hope you enjoy the pics...take care.

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020


28mm          46
15mm          43 (+8, 2 crew, 6 vehicles)

Bought:       0 (these were bought a few years ago)

Progress:    +89

Monday, 11 May 2020

Stormtrooper White Noise

Howdy folks,

I hope everyone is healthy and safe...if there can be any silver lining in our current situation, it has to be all the great posts I've been reading from folks getting extra time with the hobby and for those folks who are either returning or stepping into this hobby for the first time.

Whether it is in the painting or gaming aspects...welcome to and good luck in the hobby. The camaraderie aspect is in your future.

For anyone that has been keeping up with my sporadic posting schedule you will probably recall my lament from my previous post.  Like anyone who has stepped into any type of Star Wars themed painting, when it comes to painting stormtroopers, it can get rather tedious at some point.


I like to call this white noise.

Having painted 4 sections of troopers and having other expansions in my future, I was approaching this with some hesitation.  So, with a box of Scout Troopers and a box of Death Troopers this offered a chance for a different colour (i.e. the Death Troopers) and an opportunity to move away from the standard scheme (i.e. the Scouts).

The Death Troopers were fairly 'simple'...I had plenty of Rogue One screen shots to look at, and I always have my main painting guru, Sorastro, to refer to.  Painting a black based scheme was quite challenging but I really like how they turned out...using Vallejo colours, I based with 995 and then first coat was mix of black and gunmetal blue.  From there it was varying shades on that adding in some white.  The wash was a mix of citadel nuln oil and army painter blue (comes out quite nice and dark - somewhat similar to nightshade).  In my research, I had also seen folks paint up a lot of residual lighting effect from the various sensors and lights on the troopers...taking a quick watch of Rogue One and looking at the behind the scenes book, there really isn't much residual glow, however I do like the effect (thanks Sorastro) so I took a middle ground stance of some but not too much.

For the Scouts, I had to paint anything other than plain white! For this I googled scout troopers and found an interesting collection of painting shots, concept art, and images.  Because I was trying to keep with the 'tatooine' theme that I started with, I based my troops in vj 995 and then hit them with deck tan and then mixed in some ivory.  As well, I hit random spots on each figure with US Tan Earth painting 'blocks' or sections of tan to match in with my bases.  After that, I then hit them with mixed wash of citadel nuln oil and army painter strong and dark tones.  Once dry, I went back and hit some of the creases with more dark tone and some random highlights of glossy white and tan earth.

In the end, they came out very scout and fitted with what Reece troops really do...adapt their kit to mission at hand...and I'm really happy with the results.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Hike up Lead Mountain 2020


28mm          46 (+13, 7 x scouts, 6 x death troops)
15mm          35

Bought:       0 (these were bought last year)

Progress:    +81