Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Desert Cats...Canadian style

I started this project quite a while ago...days, weeks, months, and yup...even years ago!! Finally, the last touches were done and I finished it tonight.  One of the many side projects that I had decided to do along the way was a Canadian modern theme force patterned after the battlegroups serving in Afghanistan.

Of the many aspects of the Canadian military that changed from that theatre, the Canadian tank corps would be one of the main ones (IMHO)...the main battle tank in the Canadian army had been given its death sentence until a few years into the fight and the need for heavy metal reached NDHQ.  Instead of ignoring it, they instead went ahead and retro'ed the old Leopard C1's, purchased interim Leopard 2's (dubbed 2A6's), and bought Leopard 2A4s as the final version.

As such, I wanted to try modeling these beauties for my future force...however, I also wanted to make sure that I did them justice...I'll post the WIP shots at a later time, but for now I will show the initial model from QRF and the final product.

Have a good one.

15mm Leopard 2s from QRF


  1. Nice work. I understand about the time it takes to do things.

  2. Stanley Martin:
    Brilliant work you have done on the QRF Leopard II. I am also beginning to build an ultramodern Canadian force for skirmish gaming in Afghanistan and I am contemplating doing scratch builds for LAV III's and variants. I will also be building one or two Leopard IIA6's for the force. Your work will save me time and has inspired me. So thank you and congratulations on a job very well done!
    Rod Robertson

    1. Thank you Rod...I wish you luck on the build. My intent is to post all the WIP photos I took, hopefully you will find that useful.