Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Battlefront US Sherman platoon

Howdy all,

As promised in an earlier post, I am showing off a recent platoon of Battlefront US Shermans that I finished just in time to use them for a Flames of War battle at the club recently.  The battle was part of our Firestorm Caen campaign and I used them as firestorm troop stand-ins for my Canadian Tank Company. 

Anyone not familiar with the Firestorm Caen or it's idea really should check out the Flames of War website (click here).  The Caen version is a homebuilt idea from a fellow in Iceland...outstanding job.

As for the American Shermans, my goal in getting them painted up was speed...nothing fancy, just speed paint to get them ready and usable.  One thing I did want to test in this was a different weathering technique to highlight rain shower streaks...I think this showed through pretty well especially in a couple of the models.

Overall, I'm happy with the paintjob, I purposely elected not to put decals on the tanks...two reasons, #1: SPEED, #2: I googled a bunch of pics of US tanks in Normandy and found many that either did not have a full set of 'stars' or had purposely covered the markings up to further camouflage themselves from the German anti-tank gunners.

Next up: US UH-1B hogs for my Air Cav Vietnam aeroweapons platoon, perhaps a battle report from my last Firestorm Caen matchup, a figurative butt-load of pics and battle reports from the recent CanGames convention in Ottawa...and if they're done, my IDF tanks for 6 Day and Yom Kippur wars.

Take care.

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