Thursday, 15 May 2014

Painting IDF and trying out Sinai Grey...

Howdy folks,

Having just finished my Arab Tank company it is time to get to work on some adversaries for them...insert an Israeli armoured force.  The biggest question is, how to paint them? As part of the Fate of a Nation supp release WI also had an article, "colors of 67" with painting guides.  Using these guides and some google-fu I have a plan.

Sinai Grey by all accounts is an extremely difficult colouring to is green, desert yellow, and grey all at the same time, frustrating and confusing.   I received some advice from Greg at (Greg has some great pics, look for the IDF label to see his Israelis) and added my own touch.

Essentially I based in Vallejo 886 as per the paint guide, followed with Vj stone grey, and then with a very dry brush I used Vj desert yellow, I took some pics this morning in various light to see how the model looks.  My intent is to finish the model with a wash of dark and strong tone and very very very dry of Iraqi sand.

I'm pretty pleased with the result, in the varying light I do get a dominant colour that certainly appears to mimic Sinai Grey.  The next step will be to try a second but to do the desert yellow followed by a dry stone grey.

Thoughts? Take care...

 In shade and low light, looks like a green tank... 

In full light, the same tank now looks yellow...ish...

In low light, a mix of grey-green-yellow...


  1. Do you know what issue of WI had that painting guide in it?

    1. Hello Victor, just checked and it is WI312. As well, the flames of war site has the article "colours of 67" posted thru the Fate of a Nation button.