Friday, 2 May 2014

Small Victories!!!

Howdy folks,

I just wanted to make a very quick update/progress/victory post...I just finished up the final drybrush on the last of my T55s that I've been working on.  Why is this a victory? Well, as I mentioned back in the beginning of this adventure, I received a batch of Battlefront miniatures for Christmas, and to be totally honest I made a resolution this year to try to work through as much of my WIP pile as I could.

To be totally honest I still have some figs awaiting their turn under the brush from Christmas past, but I can happily say that as of 20 minutes ago I have worked through 2/3s of 2013s Christmas gift...

I now have an Arab Tank Company of 9 x T55s, 3 x T34/85 (I will proxy in some Soviet T34s to fill out the force), and 2 x ZSU 57-2...I promise to get some pictures up very soon.  At the same time, I also worked on lessening the pile of Vietnam era kit...more to follow.

Have a good eve, and take care.

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