Monday, 5 May 2014

Small Victories...Fate of a Nation

Evening folks,

For those stumbling on this and perhaps not aware, a few months back, Battlefront through Wargames Illustrated released a free Flames of War supplement for gaming the 6 Day War called Fate of a Nation.  This is a company/battalion scale warfare between the Israeli's and the United Arab Armies (Egypt and Syria) and Jordan.

Our gaming group (Ottawa Miniature Gamers, OMG) is planning on running a 'Tank Aces' type campaign in the near future (details still being worked out) and in prep I have been painting up an Arab Tank Battalion from figs I received from under the tree (thanks to my better half).

To start my force will be based around the T55 tank, with Battalion commander and separate tank company (all in all 9 x T55s...very serious heavy metal).  If I need I can fill out a couple of T55s from my PeterPig collection.  As well, I have painted up 3 x T34/85s in Arab colours and will fill them out with some WW2 Russian T34/85s (all in all 8 x T34/85s) as points allow in the various rounds.

In Flames of War terms, this will give me a Battalion CO, a company of T55 MBTs, a company of T34/85s for 'support', and then will allow me to add corps extras such as an Anti-Air company of 2 x ZSU 57-2's and perhaps even some air support from Mig17s...if points go high enough and the brush gets moving I may even try to fill in some proper infantry into the list.

Anyway, as per my earlier post, I just finished the last of my T55s which capped off the last vehicle I needed for my Battalion...very pumped.  And as promised I am now including some pics.

As for painting, I used Battlefronts German Armour Vallejo Spraypaint for the base coat.  I followed up with a quick layer of Vallejo Green Ochre, followed up with a wet/dry layer of Vallejo Iraqi Sand, and then a dry layer of Vallejo Buff.  I then went over all the nooks, tracks, and crannies with Army Painter Dark Tone wash (awesome stuff) to make the detail pop and followed this up with a final dry layer of Vallejo Pale Sand.

My intent was to have a very weathered force that looked like it had spent a few miles on the march kicking up the sand.


The Preview
 And now the force...

 Add in 5 more T34/85's...and the support is cookin'

The Force, ready to move...

Anti-air Company to keep those pesky IAF away...

The Boss...


  1. Very nice, might have to switch over to the Israelis so I get to blow these guys up!

    1. Thanks Mike...I've also got some IDF in the WIP pile, so maybe we can get that matchup in, lol...