Friday, 11 July 2014

Neo-Sov's looking for a fight in Tomorrow's War

Okay...apparently I had time today for more than just one quick goes then:

I have been checking out Ambush Alley Games and their Force on Force ruleset for a few years now...a couple of years ago they also came out with a near-modern-future-scifi ruleset by the name of Tomorrow's War.

Great looking book, great looking artwork, and just a great product sure helps that they rank as one of my favorite forums to read through...anyhow...I wanted to paint up a force that could be used for this setting, be it pure sci-fi or near modern, something that could work.

Having put on my google pants, I sat down and quickly found the mainpage for Khurasan Miniatures and knew that amongst the great selection and lines I would find some vehicles that would work.  After taking my time and looking through all the choices, I went with the Red Faction tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (Khurasan - Red Faction) and a light utility vehicle as my future BRDM (Khurasan - Light Utility Vehicle - Pic).  It has taken me some time, but I recently finished up the last of 8 vehicles that I purchased about 18 months+ ago...

For your viewing pleasure I have Khurasan's take on the T55 of the future, I have chosen to call these the T5500 (original eh?!? I know...) main battle tank, you'll see two variants with the main difference being the turret and main gun <insert suitable sci-fi explanation here>.

As well, I have three BMP-3000s (again, my originality shows through) with some very cool turret weapons systems...and I have two BRDM3000s...I really like these little guys.  Yes, they are noticeably much smaller than their tracked comrades, but they have some great weapon systems options.

In deciding how to paint these guys I chose to rely very heavily on a mix of Cold War Soviet and some liberal licensing of my own (I wanted to try a different take on block camo plus make it more hard-edged...thoughts?).  My only disappointment is with how 'different' the base colours are between my tracked and light fault...I did take to much time between project phases to complete them, however in terms of back story I can always go with the light vehicles being spoils of war being re-branded as their own.

And in terms of back story...I will save that for a future post when I get some acceptable pictures of the infantry minis that I have finished for this force.

Enjoy the pics, constructive comments and questions are always welcome.  Cheers.

The vehicle side of the force...3 x tanks, 3 x infantry carriers, 2 x light trucks...
The BRDMs and BMPs of the future...and I always forget to mention, these are in 15mm and yes, Khurasan has amazing detail...


The T55 of the future...2 variants with reactive block armour, 1 more with the amour blocks + a big f'ing gun!! The only thing left to do is to find a commander figure for this one...


  1. Great work. These look excellent.

  2. Great looking tanks, I have a couple of the Red Banner tanks myself. They are honking big but very nice minis, I like your camo choice on them.

    1. Thanks Chris...they definitely bring a presence to the table. Cheers.

  3. I'm just starting a Neo-Sov force to play with my son - these are most inspiring!
    The camp schemes are great!

    1. Thanks Paul. Best of luck with your next step is to finish up the infantry and then get them all together under the camera.