Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bring on the Hogs!!!!

Howdy folks,

It has been a very busy month with life, has taken some time (which I'm okay with) but summer is slowly creeping up on us.  Unlike my countryfolk in the West, we have not had the rain and flood potential on this end of the country.

As the title says...<best Austin Powers> bring on the sexy Huey Gunships...ok, maybe sexier to some than to others, but I do love the look of the Huey Hog.  I actually finished this flight up over a month ago (well, about 97% finished), but life, etc...

These are both Battlefront "15mm" models from their initial Wargames Illustrated release back many moons ago...the model itself is outstanding, however I really did not like the flight stand or metal chopper blades.  The stand was ill-fitting and the blades could be a real pain in the arse to get together and keep together...very happily, these deficiencies were the first things fixed in subsequent versions/builds of the helicopters...thanks BF.

Anywho...I chose to picture these aircraft without their stands or blades...choosing to mark one as generic cavalry and the other from 'The Cav'...all I need now for this project is a 15mm Colonel Kilgor...

Any ideas let me know...otherwise, enjoy the pics.  Future post should bring on some Israeli heavy metal circa '67-'73, some recent purchases (yes, I know...I'm weak), and possibly some miscellaneous grunts.


  1. These look great! For Kilgore, look no further than Peter Pig Vietnam Pack 55

    1. Thanks for the link Barks...order sent. Cheers.