Wednesday, 11 June 2014

CanGames 2014...the final report - Random pics

Howdy all,

As the subject final report from this years CanGames...I leave you with random pics of other games that occurred in the same timeslot as mine...and...struck my interest.  I'm happy to say that my club-mates from OMG (Ottawa Miniature Gamers) had some great looking tables and well turned out games.

You've read enough from the pics!

Dr. Who (OMG club member, 28mm)

Oh No!! Zombies at the Mall (homebuilt rules, 28mm)


A 'small' Napoleonic Fist-fight (OMG member, 28mm)


Bolt Action, WW2, 1939 German Army vs. Polish Army (OMG member, 28mm)

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