Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fate of a Nation...IDF Tank Company (and how I got around Sinai Grey...)

Good day everyone.

The painting and blogging Gods have been kind to me...last night I was able to finish up the last couple of vehicles that I needed to field a small IDF tank force to counter my Arab Tank Battalion.  AND, I had the opportunity today to take some pics and write up this very quick post...

All in all...a good day.

As for the actual painting bits...I received some great advice from other painters I'd seen make some recent posts and took the painting guide from BF and Wargames Illustrated and hit the internet and got some great inspirational pics 'from the field'.

I chose to base paint my tanks as outlined in the painting guides...Vallejo Grey Green all around, then based on earlier attempts and my research, I dry brushed vj Desert Yellow overtop, which I then applied a dry brush of 50/50-ish of Grey Green and vj Stone Grey.  When the dry brush was finished I then took to the nooks and crannies with Dark Tone wash, followed with a very dry brush of vj Iraqi Sand and even drier and quicker brush of vj Pale Sand (I used this to put emphasis on weathering and sand covered effects).

Overall I'm very pleased with the results...after I had done the M51 Ishermans I made a subtle change.  I had base coated the M51s in one of my FoW base colours (British Italian Theatre, IIRC) and thought that maybe this was bringing out the yellow tones more...for s's&g's I thought for the M3's and Centurion's that I would instead apply a heavy dark tone wash to the entire model to darken the base coat before moving onto the painting guide.  I like the outcome...I like the looks of all of them and think the subtle variances compliment the overall force.

In game terms...this small humble force is equivalent in points to approx. 15-20 Arab Tanks...ouch!

Yours to judge/comment/constructive criticize...please enjoy the pics.  As for what's next...maybe we should take this theatre to the skies.


The Force

 The Boss - Israeli Tank force Commander
1st Platoon - 3 x M51 Ishermans

Sh'ot Tank Platoon - 2 x Centurion Sh'ots

Centurion Tank Platoon Commander...break time

Support Platoon - Mobile Artillery - 2 x M3's with 120mm mortars 

 Random shots of the troops




  1. Very nice models! I have enjoyed gaming the AIWs for many years. It is great to see the recent interest in the period.

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate the views and comment. Cheers.