Friday, 7 November 2014

Great War Inspiration - Canadian War Museum Visit...Part 1

Hello Everyone,

I took an impromptu visit to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa earlier this fall to get my inspirational Great War on.  One of my long term/range goals is to build a Vimy Ridge-esque gaming table with trenchworks and I had thought this might be worth taking a stab at in 28mm.  While I've been wrapping my brain around the logistics of this venture in a large scale, the folks at Battlefront went ahead and released their Great War line.  While I liked the detail and poses that 28mm presented me, I do like the idea of seeing a better representation of the sheer volume of men and material that 15mm can offer.

So while this debate turned within me I thought a there was no better time for a visit to the CWM and the Great War gallery.

The CWM has a great collection of articles, weapons, uniforms, and archive photos with some interactive pieces for everyone to take part in and get a sense of the experience.  As this was not my first visit, I specifically headed towards the Vimy and Passchendaele sections of the gallery.  For anyone who hasn't visited the museum, take the opportunity, there is plenty to see in the museum and in Ottawa as a whole.

Having gone through my pics, I've decided to show this museum in multiple post instead of bombing you with 30+ photos at once.  To start, the artillery pieces of course.


Depicting airburst sharpnel...

Explaining the creeping barrage

German howitzer...
18 Pounder, Royal Canadian Artillery...close up of the breech assembly
Front view with artillery shell

From the #1's point of view...

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