Monday, 15 December 2014

The Cops...and a couple of Gunfighters

Howdy all,

Looks like today is a two post day...while I've been fairly quiet on the electronic front, I have been plugging away when I've been able to on various figs.  As you may recall from an earlier post I recently completed a couple of The Cops from the North Star Figures range as well as a great looking Hellboy-esque figure from Hasslefree.

Continuing on those lines, I have completed the rest of The Cops...the SWAT and beat cops were fun to paint up and are nice looking minis.  As well, to augment these officers, I also painted up Deano from HassleFree Miniatures.  This guy is awesome, definitely one of the cleanest minis I've had the pleasure to paint up. 

I was inspired to paint Deano up as a RCMP Tactical Response officer after recent events in Ottawa, this is NOT a political message, for those interested, here is some media related to the event...given their response and outstanding professionalism I felt compelled to paint Deano up right...I hope I've done the fig justice.

As well, I have included some recent Artizan Wild West figs that I completed...these folk are from the Doc Holiday and Ringo blister as well as the Frank and Jesse James...

Please enjoy the pics, constructive comments and criticism are more than welcome.

Take care.

picture by the Ottawa Citizen online...

The Cops, group shot of the working officers, along with Deano on the upper right.

The beat guys... 

I was inspired to paint this figure up after seeing the various pics that came out of recent events in Ottawa when our law enforcement professionals were called in.  These folks worked hard to secure a very large area and acted with great professionalism.
Hot Fuzz inspired comment, check out his horse...I mean arse...

I'll be your huckleberry...deathly ill dentist with a double barreled shotgun...not a good combination...

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