Friday, 23 January 2015

2014 re-cap...s'up 2015??

Howdy all,

Officially, now the new year can begin...I think many can understand that the first part of the first month of the new year is a bugger of a go.  My brain is in holiday coma...and has proven to be for a few weeks now...and the stressors just aren't welcome.  Of course, the stressors don't listen...sooooooooooo...

I am taking my mojo back...

The Year that Was...

The last year has been pretty big for me...I made the decision to focus my painting and gaming activities, motivate myself to keep going, and to try to get in some more gaming...and perhaps most important, it was the inaugural year of this little gaming blog of mine...thanks for the views, comments, and attention.

How did I do? Well, as I may have p&m'ed about on a few occasions, the focus does elude me...but my posts from the last year show that I did have moments of's to trying to improve on that in the coming year.

If I put it into actual results...the last year saw a decline in how much I purchased (secondary objective #1 accomplished) and saw me put out:
  • Figures:
    • 15mm: approx 45 little dudes painted and complete.  100's more were prepped and mold lines removed;
    • 20mm: approx 15 Elhiem sculpts joined the fold...mostly modern;
    • 28mm: over 40 figs joined the rank and file ranging from Old West, WW1, WW2, Modern, and sci-fi.
  • Vehicles: over 45 tanks, trucks, and other vehicles were completed covering WW2, Modern-ish, and sci-fi.  The pride of this lot was my Canadian Kandahar Cats Leopard 2's and mid-east heavy metal batch.
  • Air Support: 11 aircraft joined the Gaming and Utility Support Wing, mostly helicopters for Vietnam.
  • Objectives: 7 battle worthy objectives to spill gaming blood over were completed.
  • Other: a few larger extra's joined the fray...bring on the guns.
I didn't get out gaming as much as I would have liked but I did increase my participation in Cangames and tried out a new ruleset and era (thank you Saga...).

And now...
My gaming objectives for the year ahead are simply this:
  1. Have more and more fun!! Goes without saying.
  2. I'd like to try a major gaming convention this year...I'll have to get some input from the guys
  3. Vietnam:
    • Finish my Air Cav helo's
    • Start to put paint to my Viet Cong
  4. WW1: Start to assemble and paint my Battlefront Germans and Vimy Ridge Canadians...Mike has already kindly offered to steal my research, so I've got that going for me.
  5. Cold War: Start to paint some 4CMBG infantry and convert my Battlefront 'nam M113s to A2 and A3 variants
  6. Keep working through the past project pile...Afrika Korps, Old West, FJs...increase my painting output...
Have a great new year folks, best in all your endeavours real and miniature.