Friday, 20 March 2015

Whites, Reds, Pinks, and Blues - F'ing Air Cav

Howdy all,

While a busy month has kept me away from the computer, I have nonetheless continued to work through my WIP mountain of lead and resin.  Last month I posted an update and progress on my Air Cav Aerorifle hueys (here).

This post is to show the 99% complete on my Air Cav helos...these little beauties took me some time but in the end I really like how they turned out.  I've got a great variety of assets and firepower for my Air Cavalry Troop and when I paint enough boots on the ground I can turn this into a rifle company with some outstanding air support.

All that is left is to get some of the new plastic rotors and finish those up...otherwise, the helos are done.  I am in the process of painting up the blues and have finished 2 of 10 stands of infantry...

Enjoy the pics.  Take care.

Go CAV!!

The entire team...
White Scouts on the back left and right, Red Hogs between them, Cobra gunships for later war period and flying artillery support, the Blue Hueys front and centre, and a Command and Control helo OR Medevac if needed.
C & C bird or plan is to build some markers for the flight stand to designate either
The Aerorifle Blues...taking the fight to the still need boots to hold ground. 

 Door gunner with Cav art on his helmet...first attempt at unit crests by hand...

The Red Aeroweapons or flying artillery...Cobra gunships to deal a high dose of pain to the badguys. 
Gatling gun Cobra

Rocketpod Cobra...'Next!'



 I've been stuck for how to store this crew...the cost of shipping a custom battlefoam try is at least twice the cost of the tray, for about $7 Cdn, I went to Michaels and bought a scrapbook container for $3 on sale...and some Gorilla glue and took a bunch of old BF foam as well as Miniatures in Comfort foam and built my own carrying 'tray'...a little caveman but it works. 


  1. ! Fantastic work ! ,,,these look completely awesome ! ..I'm also most impressed with your 'caveman' transport solution. Hey ..if it's stupid and simple and it works's not stupid.
    Cue the music ..."scares the hell outta the 'dinks..."

    1. Thanks to scratch build some speakers, lol.

  2. Beautiful! And well done on the carry tray too!


    1. Stanley Martens21 March 2015 at 16:40
      Thanks Ragsta, I worked over the windscreen of my first Huey to make them all look the same. Looks much better...Cheers.

  3. That is a lot of helicopters!

    The tray looks good and I think it holds more than the Battlefoam one would.

    With the Brown Water Navy stuff coming out we should probably arrange and Vietnam campaign at the club so that people (including me!) would paint up the stuff they have for this period)

    1. Campaign would be awesome...I'm very curious to see the brown water addition as well

    2. I am excited for the brown water navy stuff as well. But it seems that it is mainly the US that get the cool little ships. So I am a bit worried that it will be like the previous Vietnam books where the US gets a bunch of really interesting cool stuff, but then no one is super interested in making a boring force to fight them.

      Anyway the choppers do like awesome, and need to be in some kind of a game sooner the better.

    3. I think a more interesting game would be to have separate US Ground and Riverine force trying to link up, with an enemy force on some sort of automatic rules, springing ambushes etc. Those sorts of co-op games are a TON of fun to play!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

    "Play it loud!"

    1. BTW How are you going to mount these guys? I have been struggling with a suitable mounting system to have these fly overhead without disrupting the ground action below. I am also mostly using die cast models so they are much heavier.

    2. Thanks Paul...I'm going to start with the BF stands and see how they work out. I think it will depend on battles pace congestion for the most part...stay tuned, lol.