Thursday, 13 August 2015

Khurasan Miniatures - Special Ops

Hey folks,

As some of you who have followed my know, blog ramblings...m'eh, it was worth a chance to influence the English language...for worse.  Anyhow, some of you may know, I have a bit of a love-fest for Khurasan Miniatures...they are great figures, amazing detail, they come to the door clean...super clean, and are a lot of fun to paint <insert shameless, cheesy advertising jingle>.

I really like them! A while back I ordered up a couple of packs of the Special Ops troops for modern, near-modern, ultra-modern, and sci-fi...these are such great figs they can fit so many different categories.

The real issue for me was to make sure I painted them as well as I could...after all, the website pics by Piers Brand set an incredibly high standard, so I wanted to do the figures some justice.  The second issue was finding some great inspiration pics...thank you google...thanks to the airsoft forum, ctv news, and a few other places that I unfortunately cannot recall.

Because I had upwards of 20 figures to paint, I thought I'd try a few different the end I copied some plain 'desert' uniforms, some Canadian Cadpat (desert and green), OCP, and a mix of many others.

At the moment, I still have to put the finishing touches on the bases, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

Feel free to offer any advice and is always appreciated.  I hope you enjoy the inspirational pics.


First group, CSOR inspired, green cadpat with some other mixed pieces... 

The inspiration...CSOR recruiting pic

Second group, mixed camouflage...

The inspiration...CSOR overseas

Third group...fairly plain jane type desert uniform...

The inspiration...JTF2 in Afghanistan at the beginning...

Final first attempt at OCP cam...very challenging...but worth the adventure

The Inspiration...CSOR troops on Parliament Hill last 9th of May for the Afghanistan Mission National Day of Honour...

I know I've missed a few of the troops due to my crappy picture taking, but I'll post a proper group photo when I'm completely done.

Take care.


  1. Really well done painting! They look great

  2. They all look cracking, and the mix of camos gives them some individuality too. Picture 5 appears to have picked up some lint on his helmet. The red lenses - perhaps add a lighter shade along the upper edges as a highlight to make them pop? Though they must be tiny at 15mm...

    1. Thanks Ragsta, I do like the individual elements to them...made them a lot of fun to paint up. Thanks for the tip, I just bought another couple of packs for a group project, so I will give it a shot.


  3. Really, really great. Lots of lovely detail picked out and the mix of colours in excellent

    1. Thank you Paul, I think my favorite was the Desert Cadpat and the OCP...