Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hail the new year...where to? where from?

Howdy folks,

Happy New Year to all...I hope the holiday season was good to you, I hope the new year see's health and good tidings on the horizon.  I just crept past the 2nd anniversary of this humble little blog and am pretty happy with how the blog's going...

Since 2014, I have published 92 various posts to the internets...not bad for a overall stock of unfinished figs is...very very slowly purchasing...not so much so, lol.  I have steadily tackled lead mountain...or shelf of shame as Mike would say...I have added, but I am definitely trying to be more tactical about it...define project and then purchase, not the other way around.

When 2014 wound to a finish, I was pretty happy with finishing nearly 100 figures (mixed scales), 45 vehicles, and 11 aircraft...with this bit of progress I set my goals for 2015:
  1. Have more and more fun!! Goes without saying.   Accomplished!!
  2. I'd like to try a major gaming convention this year...I'll have to get some input from the guys.  Not accomplished! Maybe next year, depends on life's other distractions...
  3. Vietnam:
    • Finish my Air Cav helo's
    • Start to put paint to my Viet Cong...hmmm, Hell Yeah!! The Cav were finished and my VC have been started...double Accomplished!!!!
  4. WW1: Start to assemble and paint my Battlefront Germans and Vimy Ridge Canadians...Mike has already kindly offered to steal my research, so I've got that going for me...I have started, my second CEF rifle platoon is almost partially accomplished.
  5. Cold War: Start to paint some 4CMBG infantry and convert my Battlefront 'nam M113s to A2 and A3 variants...hahaha, no fricking way...definitely not accomplished...however, with the release of Team Yankee, maybe 4 CMBG will be back on the table...Leopard 1's please Battlefront...please.
  6. Keep working through the past project pile...Afrika Korps, Old West, FJs...increase my painting output...fairly neutral...I did get to a bunch of FJ's, and some Old West dudes, but my DAK have languished another year...along with some other pieces started long ago...
The Cav...major success story for the year...
6 point Crusader Warband for SAGA...another success.
Perhaps my biggest success of the year though was the overall progress through lead mountain...for the year 2015...I was able to paint:
  • 31 x 15mm figs painted in 2014 but finished in 2015
  • 16 x terrain and objective pieces
  • 25 x 15mm vehicles painted and finished
  • 58 x 28mm figures...increase from 2014
  • 223 x 15mm figures...DRAMATIC increase from 2014...very happy with this, main lesson is that time spent on preparation, like time on NEVER wasted.
So with these 2 big successes behind me, the dawning of the new year...
how will the next year look for this blog: 
  1. Continue to have more fun!! Always an excellent goal.
  2. At the club, we have some Team Yankee coming down the pipe...I managed to pick up the Soviet box at the end of the year, so that will be the immediate goal.  My side objective to this is to limit all of my purchases to only Team Yankee related items.
  3. Continue with my Vietnam Main Force VC...when I need a break from the main projects, the VC will fit in nicely.
  4. Get moving on my WW1: Finish off my CEF...I have some artillery and HMGs to go...and get my Germans on the painting schedule.
  5. For Christmas, my wife bought into the Lich King Nickstarter for I would like to tackle some Frostgrave in the new year...paint the cultists...some more of the extras...maybe some terrain
  6. Keep working through lead mountain...I have some awesome figs that need to see the world...amongst them my DAK, FJs, and Mr. Harolds awesome Kickstarter...must get these worked on...
All the best in the year to come...good luck with your small endeavours.



  1. What a great set out achievements during the year Stanley! I've really enjoyed the Vietnam stuff in particular.

    Best wishes for another cracking year in 2016!

    1. Thank you Paul. All the best in the new year to you as well...