Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Really?!? A library...

Howdy Everyone,

Just a quick post to showcase some of the progress I'm making on my Frostgrave terrain tiles...heavily inspired by the library scenario from the MRB...but ideally adaptable to a variety of settings, mostly within the Northern City.

Last time, I left you with 5 of the 9 tiles carved, sanded, based, and painted...since then I finished up the remaining tiles...even settling on the layout of the final tile (inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade word of God challenge) and have started cracking the scatter terrain out.

I'm currently toying with a couple of layouts for the bookshelves while I'm getting them painted up...and then I plan on getting the front entrance/fa├žade completed...followed up by the table 'trim'...currently planning on laying foam down around the perimeter of the tiles to frame them and model it as mountainside to mimic a great library in the mountain...or if I'm under time crunch for Cangames then it will be a stone wall perimeter look ala, "hey look its a really great big building, I bet there's a library in there..."

Wish me luck...take care...enjoy a couple of quick pics.

The white pieces are the bookshelves in progress...the black pieces are also scatter terrain, every library needs tables...I also made 2 larger scatter pieces that I could migrate between multiple battlefields...they are the rocky pieces at the upper edge and right hand side of table...I also have roughed out 2 interior rooms, one with some sacks, the other with a crypt...

Rotated view...better to look at the stores out for the snow gorilla...the bottom row, middle tile with all the carving is my Indiana Jones 'word of God' inspired tile...

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