Friday, 3 June 2016

Cangames 2016 - Random Games...a little pic heavy

Howdy folks,

Over the Canadian May long weekend, every year, many descend upon Ottawa for a few days of laughs, tears, and even some gaming...this year marked the 40th kick at the cat for the Cangames crew and marked my 8th venture to the convention.

As always, I truly enjoy seeing the various tables and vendors...I definitely appreciate the talent that goes into our hobby...and the creativity that I see from the RPG and boardgaming folks.

This post is just pics of the random games that I did NOT participate...there is only so much gaming time in the weekend and I cannot get to them all.

However, if you'd like, here are a few links to folks who were quicker on the blogging draw than I was:

Terry over at Miniature Mayhem
Mike over at Mike's Wargaming Blog
The Scribe at Generic Gaming Goodness

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Some Bolt Action fare...I believe this game was heavy on the recent tank rules...

Some race day action...they had a good turnout with all cars getting drivers...

Dungeons and Dragons adventure gaming from the Red Shirts...

Reminiscent of Fortress Louisburg from last year, Ed again outdid himself with another British, French, Acadian, and American Indians colonial actions with the Siege of Fort Beausejour. 

Napoleonic action with a few THOUSAND 15mm figures... 

28mm Pulp adventure with Cangames staple Rubberboots... 

Sadly, I can't recall the ruleset for this game...they had about 4 tables set up with varying terrain...IIRC the terrain was from Dwarven Forge and looked impressive...sewers, town square, and more

Homegrown Star Trek rules from an Ottawa local...always popular 

A funny thing happened on the way home from Cangames...just a little thing called ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! 

That's all for the randoms...battle reports next...


  1. The fantasy skirmish was actually Pathfinder.

    1. Thanks John...ruleset by Pathfinder, terrain by Dwarven Forge

  2. Some fantastic games there, thanks for sharing
    That 28mm fort and siege works steals the show for me though :-)

    1. You're welcome Paul...I totally agree, the fort was outstanding!!

  3. Hello
    I found your blog by accident while searching for information about FortBeauséjour. Can you give me more détails about the person who design a miniature replica of the Fort? Thank you.

    1. Hello France,

      Glad you stumbled upon the blog. The fort was made by a friend of mine who also games with the folks at Kingston Gamers Blog. Are you looking for specific details on his build or his research? Let me know and I can forward it to him.