Friday, 1 July 2016

Great War - CEF - 2nd Platoon

Happy Canada Day everyone!!

Just thought I'd put up a quick post to celebrate July 1st and thought...hey, what better than some pictures of my latest WW1 installment.  I had actually painted these fellows up by the end of January, but had not completed the basing.  With the arrival of TY, this platoon was put on the back burner for my Sov horde of T72s...

So, near the end of May I collected these warriors from the WIP pile and finished up the basing for them...this time, I elected to not colour the interior of the craters to get the mud bog effect...I went instead for a little clarity on the gaming table and just coloured the craters with a strong wash to help differentiate the platoon from the these fellows.

My plan over the course of the summer is to finish a few random figs from the WIP pile, some 28mm...I'm thinking modern...and then near mid August get back to finishing my CEF troops...I have another rifle platoon, some artillery, and machine guns to finish up.

Enjoy the pics...and at the bottom, a couple of Canada Day inspired pics and a link...

2 Platoon...CEF, 49th Battalion...Loyal Eddies 
A few team close ups...grenadiers and riflemen
Lewis team... 
Rifle team charging forward
The Company so far...2 x rifle platoons with Company OC, 2iC, and 2 x sniper/marksman teams 
A view of the troops in line...
A random pic of the mid point of the company, 2 different basing styles beside each other...

the crater colour is more apparent in this pic
Having fun with a filter...action pic... 

So, again happy Canada Day...enjoy something maple...have a beer, some back bacon, and put on your favourite Rush tape/cd/mp3...


  1. Cool, great looking additions!

  2. Very nice! Love the shell craters!

    1. Thank you Tim...the new style of Battlefront bases sure help in making the effect.