Saturday, 10 September 2016

CEF Artillery Detachment - part 3...The Finishing

Howdy everyone,

I hope all has been going well...I am pretty I said in Part 2, I had finished my two guns, I am now finally able to get some pics and get a post up!! I'm pretty happy with the finished product...the guns themselves were pretty easy to paint-up...I just used vj 924 Russian Uniform and then a lighter shade of 924 for highlights.  I did pick a few details out overall, but for the most part, the guns are a quick easy go.

This is one of the first times that I've actually attached a figure or two to the base...completed the basing...and then painted the figure.  It takes a little bit of finesse to manoeuvre around the base features and to get in the harder to reach places.  As well, this is probably the first time that I've added figures to the base after I've already completed painting and detailing the base...more importantly, added them and tried to make them blend-in...

Again, I'm pretty happy with that result...I laid down a bit more sand around the base of the individual figure and tried to match the terrain colours as best as I could.

Anyway, enough are the pics.


Voila, the finished products...2 guns with with ammo carriage and the other without...I also modeled each gun with their own 'brass pile' of spent shell casings.
Profile view of the guns... main disappointment is with my improvised ammo...because I used a small brass tube, I could not crimp the front to look like a projectile...or on hindsight I should of filled the base with filler or clay...oh well, maybe for my German guns...or more Canadian gunners in my future... 
...rear view of the gun positions... 
Gun 1 with brass pile and neat organization of ammo for the fire mission...inspired by my own experience on the guns... 
...a 'touched up' pic of Gun 2...


  1. Awesome job on the guns and crews, and i love your work on the bases, beautiful details!

    1. Thank you OCD was certainly at work on this one, lol

  2. I´m impressed. I saw then over at TMP and assumed they were a larger scale