Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Progress...a little at a time

Howdy everyone,

As the title says, sometimes it is hard to feel like you're making progress, but it is a little bit at a time.  Sometime around late January and into February and March, I finished the last 2 officers from the Imperial Assault core box as well as a 'gimme' figure from my buddy Mike.  He had bought into one of Mantic Kickstarters and received a few extra figs that he, most graciously shared with me at some point last year.

The Imperial Assault officers were a trio, they unfortunately do have the same pose, however this just meant I had to find a way to differentiate them all.  The first officer was completed back in November and was painted as a deck officer on a Star Destroyer.

The last two needed something special to set them apart...I have been somewhat intrigued from the various and recent Star Wars movies and wanted to find out the difference in uniform types.  Inspired by my research I chose to paint up a Stormtrooper Officer (in black) and an Intelligence Officer (in white tunic and black trousers)...they seemed different and dynamic enough to work and it seemed obvious to have either officer attached to a section of troops that I based them to fit in line with my previous Stormtroopers.

The figure that Mike ended up giving me was a Zombie Troll...and to be brutally honest I did not really expect much from this was a plastic type resin model...big and troll-like as was only after I put the base layer of colour on that the figure started to reveal itself.
I am pretty happy with how it came out...the colours and tones were very challenging and definitely something that I OCDed over...then to top it off, I could not get a decent photo...I tried three times and settled for some 'okay' pics...however on Monday I deleted them all, brought the mini to my sunroom for some very natural lighting and tried again...these pics are definitely much much improved over my last attempts.
I hope you enjoy.
A variety of fleshtones and guts and a little gore...I wanted to emphasize the tension on the wound areas...dimpling and scaring where it looks like old weathered, 'dead' flesh has lost all life and hydration...

Lead Mountain Progress - Expedition 2018


28mm: 13 (+3)
15mm - figures: 5 (+5)
           - vehicles: 10 (+6)
           - terrain: 1

Purchased - 1 (15mm terrain)

Progress - +28

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