Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Good day folks,

As the title says, happy New Year.  In the spirit of the day and the start of a new year, I have recently made the resolution to get through more, much much more of the pile of metal on my workbench...yup, I'm sure many of us have made this pledge, but I guess that puts me in fairly good company.

To help reach that resolution, I have decided to try logging my progress and to track just how much am I getting through.  So, I'll have some work cut out for me shortly as I try to capture what I've accomplished in the last couple of years and take quick stock of what comprises my WIP pile.

And yes, in the interst of stating the obvious, not only am I a nerd, but I'm also a fan of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"...

later gators.

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