Friday, 3 January 2014

Taking stock...pt2

Slowly making my way through pictures and miniatures and thought I'd take the time to post some more of what I've done over the past year or so.  I still consider myself a rank novice in the hobby and have found that over the past two years I've moved away from my 'traditional' WW2 only type painting.

Like any novice I'm still learning everyday and challenging myself with painting schemes and miniature choices.

Feel free to take a look and enjoy.


My first foray into modern heavy metal, a Peter Pig 15mm T-55 painted up as Rhodesian armour.  I was inspired after I saw a diorama and then some actual pics from the field.

I saw these 15mm reporters under a sci-fi/near future post from Oddzial Osmy...a little smaller than your standard BF or PP fig, but very nice sculpts.

Some Renegade WW1 painted up as 10th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force.

One of my all time favorite show's growing up and greatly enjoyed the re-imagining.  The Beast from Bergstrom Studios...nice looking figs and great customer service.  Did this one up about 3-4 years ago...maybe longer, but thought I'd post it all the same.

Picked these folks up during a road trip...I like the looks of them.  They were one of the first Artizan packs I picked up and I like the look of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

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