Friday, 22 May 2015

Panzers and Armoured Cars up!!

Howdy all,

It's been a little busy as of late so I haven't been able to make all my posts...until now.  About 2 weeks ago I was able to get my second box of Panzer IV H's finished.  I'll use these to round out the first box I completed to give me a Pz IV company of 2 combat platoons, the commander, and a 2ic.  I enjoyed painting these guys and just like last time, I tried to keep them in good 'working' factory fresh here.

I hope you enjoy.

Quickly there after, I dug deep into the painting queue and brought this Armoured Car platoon out and was able to finish them up.  I painted them to go with my Deutsch Afrika Korps force and I think I can also make them work for any of the late war Kampgruppe lists...particularly the German Arnhem forces.

Anyhow, here are the pics.


Platoon commander on the right... 
Platoon in line, right profile... 
Second platoon in the background, company 2ic... 
The combat platoons of Panzer Kompanie Jakob.

DAK armoured cars...


  1. Some lovely looking armour, nice work made more so by being multi purpose re. DAK and Arnhem!