Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tomorrow's War - Miners 2249'er

Howdy folks,

A couple of weeks ago I managed to slog through another batch of figs that have stood fast for an extended period of time on the ole work bench.  I was lucky enough to get these figures from a buddy of mine at the club...can't remember what they cost, if anything...but he got them through a figure swap and had no interest in sci-fi...If my research is proving me correct, then these belong to micropanzer miniatures...I expect these troops to see action in Tomorrow's War as either an accompaniment to or belligerent force against my Neo-Sovs. 

In terms of backstory, I've painted these figs up in fairly obvious colours, no camouflage here...these are deep core miners for the Novo-Tajik Mining Consortium...they see action against the Neo-Sovs when the labour force goes on strike.  If I take them as Neo-Sovs, then these troops represent the assault force who are disguised as Novo-Tajik miners...they infill'ed into the mining camp on a NT transport craft in the same manner as when the Neo-Sovs descended on Kabulitz during the brief intervention invasion into Benbecula-stan.

Anyhow, here are the pics...enjoy.

Group shot...Green suits are the scouts, Reds are heavy support, Blues are the grunts, and 'Yellows' are the leaders...
Shot of the Reds with Blues in the background 

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