Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Northern City...random pieces

Hello folks,

Just a quick post this evening...a few more odds and ends for Frostgrave gaming.  I recently picked up a Pillar of Good by Reaper along with a couple of ice spiders (I think that's what they are...they look very spidery).

I'm started to feel pretty comfortable with Reaper...they do make some very nice pieces.  The only issue that I think I have with them is that sometimes, even after a thorough wash and clean, the base coat still appears very shiny...almost waxy/tacky...

Anyway, here are a few shots. 

Hope you enjoy.

Pillar of Good...went for a very worn, very subdued look on this one...for the first coat, I put a went with bright yellow and red...then thickened up the dry brushing to show the wear and age.
A couple of nasty looking ice spiders...

Group shot...


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