Saturday, 31 December 2016

Customer service SHOUT-OUT...Thank you

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick shout-out to some customer service that I recently received that really surpassed my expectation.  In November I posted a review for Battlefronts Leopard 1 was pretty happy with the idea of getting my Canuck C1's on the road.

I was kind of bummed when the box had some issues...the treads were warped and one of the hulls had bubbles in the, I emailed the folks at Battlefront and gave them a run down of the issues.  I was really hoping for a replacement tank or 2...but instead, this showed up in the mail:

Wow! And when I opened up the box and checked...the tracks were straight as hell...outstanding!

Look Ma! No bubbles!!

So, to say the least I was very surprised, pleasantly, with the steps that the folks at Battlefront took to address the issues I had with the models.  I admit, I was hoping for a tank or two, but certainly was not expecting a fresh box.

Thank you you can see by my current figures on the painting pallet, here's to more Team Yankee in the New Year.

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