Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last Tag of the year...

Hello all,

If you've been following my progress, you may have already seen a couple of posts already dedicated to some figs from The Assault Group, tag-various-modern-figs as well as aaaaaaaaaaaaand tag again.  I've enjoyed getting to these guys and have really used them as a testing ground for different camo patterns and paint schemes.

This last installment was no different:

For this fig, I mainly used the paint scheme I saw online of a figure depicting a Tier 1 operator from the early-ish days from Iraq or Afghanistan.  The pants were Iraqi sand, with patches of Russian uniform outlined with Tan earth.
For the gloves, I decided to go with a brighter colour...ala something you would buy at an expedition store...with a skeleton pattern...I thought it would look cool.  I was also testing the relocation of my photo station with flash and no flash shots.
Overhead shot to try to get a good view of the base work...
I have a few figures on the bench that look like they may require a tartan type of working off the success of my Herb Tarlek, I thought I would try a simple plaid pattern.
And finally, I have some Vietnam figs that I want to get to in the near future...and I want them as LRRP's so I thought it was time to try out Tiger Striping...I like how it turned out, not sure if it's the 100% capture that I'm looking for or not, but I'm still happy with the result.
Take care folks!