Monday, 27 March 2017

Star Wars - Imperial Assault, The Rebels

Good day folks,

Keeping with the theme from my recent posts...I thought it was time to post on the Rebel Scum that I have been painting up.  At the time when I made the fateful decision to delve into the painting side of Imperial Assault, I was really pumped by some of the online artwork I had seen for the Echo Base Trooper pack.  Just before this, I had found some random 15mm figures that I had ordered from CP Miniatures last fall-ish and thought, hey these figs could serve as a decent figure for 15mm Battle of Hoth...random thought, but it certainly got me looking at the Rebel soldiers from Empire and the Hoth scenes...

Enter Imperial Assault, when I finally made the decision I was able to snap up Kayn Somos, but alas, there were no Echo Base soldats at the Kessel, I adapted to the situation and overcame the trials and bought the Rebel Alliance Rangers pack instead.  These folks were best represented in the Return of the Jedi movie.

So with that, I went through've seen him here...and then quickly started on the primary thought being that I could not start a new pack until I had finished both Kayn and the Rangers (sounds like a rock band)...looking at the figs, the first challenge was to figure out base colours.  This time I did not have the luxury of a video safety net to look through.  The second thought I had was that I did not want to just do a carbon copy of each figure, so I decided on base colours and then figured out minor variations between all figures to give them some individuality...

The results:

I made some subtle changes to the uniform colours for each worked well and it gave me an opportunity to try out my new technique and colour choices.  With the power of google, I took a look at a bunch of Return screencaps and some cgi renders for Star Wars Battlefront.  I'm very happy with the results, and I think the middle figure is my favourite.
With these figures, the biggest challenge or single element that I wanted to change and make better was how I painted flesh...Again, I'm pretty happy with the results, you can even make out a slight pink blush to the lips and cheeks of the rangers keeping with the boxart:
Thank you FFG.
Pleasantly surprised about 3 days after I had bought the Rangers, I was checking through another LGS and caught them just after their order had arrived...this can be a big event as I have found they are not able to order with the regularity that we gamers are sometimes after...gotta painting addiction I have to scratch...
Well luckily, as I looked through their offerings, I stopped when I saw the Echo Base Troopers! There was much joy and cheering throughout the store...or at least my head...and I brought this pack of troops home.  I didn't want to rely on the boxart for these figures as much...
Instead, I wanted to stay as much to the Hoth troops images from Empire as I could:

Looking at these figures, the paint scheme seemed simple enough...white tunic, headdress, backpack, and boots...with VJ khaki or green/grey pants and boot highlights, along with some stone grey accents on the tunic...a few other colours for scarves and gloves.

The main thing I had wanted to do was to paint the goggles accurately...not sure why this objective popped out for me, but looking at the tinting on these old school ski goggles and I had to try to nail it:

The results:

I'm reaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyy happy with how the goggles turned out, objective one completed! I used VJ flat yellow and painted the lense of the goggles...and then took a watered down VJ german camouflage bright green (833)...I put a few layers of this very watered down colour until I had the right consistency.  The bases for these troops was a very easy decision, I went with VJ offwhite, a dark blue wash (I think citadel nightshade...), watered down layer of VJ white, and then dry brush of white with some selective stippling.
The second objective, staying true to the movie imagery, completed...I made sure the accent in the tunic was not the same colour as the pants and gloves...when I look at the boxart I find that these colours all the movie, they certainly did not...objective completed!

I hope you enjoy the always your views, comments, and advice are always well received.  Up next, either some more Imperial Assault...or in a somewhat related post, I'll take some pictures of an idea that hatched some time ago...



  1. Beautiful job on the figs, very inspiring, and many thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you Sir! I hope to keep on sharing...cheers.