Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Zombie Horde

Hello Everyone,
Hoping that all is going well in your collective domains and homelands...just a quick post today as I show off some pics of my attempt at zombies.  I know I'm a little late to the game...haha, very punny...and the zombie trend has been long established, BUT, here I am.
On the heals of my recent tries at The Walking Dead and my caving in and buying into the fad, I thought I'd better get some undead painting under my belt so that I can tackle all of those Mantic beasties and survivors.  I headed back to my favourite recent resource, and looked up Sorastro to see his take on the undead in his Zombicide painting.
As per my experience thus far, I did find his video very useful...to be honest, it did take a lot of consulting to specific moments and colour choices in the video to get comfortable with tackling this horde, but I'm glad to have the resource handy.
More than a few years ago, I had purchased a bunch of figures from a local gamer who was thinning his collection...I had bought a variety of Studio Miniatures, Hasslefree, and Blue Moon zombies and survivors as a timid step into the zombie world...and like many purchases they had to take their place in the queue on the workbench.
Fast forward to this summer...and the time for the Blue Moon figures was here!! This is an assortment of zombies and undead that each come in two parts...torso with head and legs with base...it seemingly gives you extra options to make your collection more unique.  Given my foray into Frostgrave there is a real need for having zombies at the ready...So, armed with a video reference and a setting, I thought I'd make my first horde ready for the Northern City.
The colours are a mix of brown, green, and blue.  I based the figures in whatever sprays I had laying around and ended with an assortment of Army Painter Uniform Grey, Vallejo Chieftain Green, or Vallejo British Armour (Italy)...the Uniform Grey was for the zombies that ended up as pale bluish; Chieftain Green was for the pale green, plaguey looking zombies; and the old British Armour (Italy) was for the rotty, old looking puke brown zombies.
That's about it for now...enjoy the pics...thanks for views and constructive critiques as always.
Take care. 



Painting so far in 2017:

28mm - 76
15mm - 17

28mm - 97 (+4, had a pack from Studio Miniatures come in the post this week, happy bday to me)
vehicle - 1

15mm - 132 (+132, added plastic box of Battlefront Strelkovy Company)
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: -144


  1. Very nice, I like the blue zombies they are seem like people that froze to death then turned undead, cool hag.

    1. Thanks Mike...I must admit, I did take some inspiration from the concept art of the whitewalkers on GoT...I think the idea works really well with Frostgrave.

  2. These look great. Love the paint job.

    1. Thanks Warrior. I appreciate the view, thanks for the comment.