Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Little Imperial Assualt Update

 Howdy all,
I hope everyone is safe and doing well...I have been plugging away at the figures from the Imperial Assault Core Set (or corset according to a recent typo of mine on TMP, lol) and had made some progress in August and into September.  I am still an avid fan of Sorastro and have come to rely on his videos as a constant source of inspiration and some how-to steps along the way.
If you haven't seen his videos yet, CHECK THEM OUT, you won't regret son and I had gotten some Assault games in near the end of summer and are having a great time with the game...the lad is very 'helpful' in pushing me to keep painting the figures, and I certainly notice he is much keener to play with the painted up figs...
I decided to paint up his favourite mini in the box...and have linked Sorastro's video below...without a doubt my son loves the Imperial Probe Droids...much of this stems from some rule misunderstandings him and I had in playing with/against them, but even since we ironed those kinks out he still prefers the, I thought I'd make them next on the workbench.
In this case, I did lend heavily from Sorastro's video and went with some hints of metaillic/gunmetal with these figures.  Because there are 3 of them I decided to base each of them differently, I went with the 2 types I've been using so far with my Stormtroopers and the 3rd one I based in a Hoth style basing...I also painted that one up with a blue metallic tone...I'm really happy with how it turned out and I don't think I would have had the idea without watching the video first.
1st droid based using Agrellan Mud for the texture look, 2nd ala Hoth, 3rd using Stirland Mud with desert yellow underneath
Hoth droid...I really like how the Drakenhoff Nightshade changes the feel of the mini and adds some great character...
I used an Army Painter strong and dark tone wash on the other 2 droids to give it a dustier hue...again, very happy with how the washes are working for me...
The next figure I tackled was Luke...this one came with the Core Set and features a Death Star themed Luke as he's firing a Stormtrooper's blaster and wearing one of their utility belts...because of this, I simply went with an all black base finished with 'Ardcoat to give it that nice floor shine that the Death Star is known for...
The next fig's I tackled were the took some internet googling to see where these guys were from...I hadn't seen Attack of the Clones in some time so had forgotten about these ones...while there is a great video on how Sorastro painted these guys up, when my son and I saw them all we could think of was our cats...or even Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon...
Am I wrong...or do you see it too...anyway, we have a very black cat that reminds me of Toothless and a greyish coloured Maine Coon cat... 
I wanted to have some contrast between the 'hair' or spines on the back and the rest of the colour...these reminded me of the quills on a porcupine so I tried to emulate them in the painting...
 It took me a bit to figure out how to paint these guys up...I think I had them on the painting table for a week or two until the colours started coming to me...I'm happy with how they turned out...they are less 'stripy' than any google images I saw, but given the inspiration I used, I'm very happy with the end result.
Take care...
Painting so far in 2017:
If you read all the way to the bottom of my last post, you'll see that I had made some recent purchases and had gotten some 'dad' gifts from the family...adding all these up into the tally below has really changed my +/- progress, but I will see how much in the + I can bring the progress bar in...looking forward to tracking it.
28mm - 64
15mm - 17

28mm - 93 (+40, added Imperial Assault Twin Shadows expansion; The Walking Dead Core set, Neegan pack, Sara pack, Days Gone By expansion; and a few single figures and scatter pieces)
vehicle - 1

15mm - 132 (+132, added plastic box of Battlefront Strelkovy Company)
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: -152


  1. Your painting is excellent, much nicer than mine!

  2. Those all look good -- I really like the green-eyed version of the beast.