Sunday, 24 September 2017

Some Support for the Bear

Hello everyone out there,

I hope you're all coping with the various weather happenstances that are occurring around us all, keep healthy and safe.  Given the weather situation in the southern portions of our continent it seems rather small potatoes to have any issues with the warmer than normal September weather that we're having at the moment...

Presently it is sitting somewhere near 30 degrees C with humidex pushing it to high 30's low 40's depending on your locale...funny enough I was camping at this moment a couple of years ago and experienced another extreme weather event...approximately -5 C with snow and rain...brrrr.

So, on this mixed weather day, I thought I'd post for you some combat support for my Team Yankee hordes of Soviets.  More air defense with the addition of 2 x SA-13 Gopher launchers, and some recce elements with 4 x BRDM-2's.  These models painted up fairly fast and I purposely tried out different shades of 'green' on these units...1. to try a different paintscheme similar to what I saw at the Canadian War Museum. and 2. to make it so I could easily pick out my recce troops from the hordes on the table.

I hope you enjoy the pics...comments and advice are always welcome.

Take care.

Overhead view of the SA-13's, with flash...some subtle weathering on the deck and side panels

Profile shot, without flash...weathering is more pronounced

Front aspect view...
Front view of the BRDM's...a little brighter shade of green...I think I based them with a spray of Tankovy Green (much the same as all my Soviet kit) and then used VJ 923 Luftwaffe green with a mix of 833 bright cam green and then I just added a little offwhite to the mix to lighten the shade...
I really like the shade difference and the relative brightness of these models compared to the rest of my keeps with the example I saw at the museum...and I think VJ's painting guide also goes with a much brighter take on the Soviet cold war painting.

 Painting so far in 2017:
I'm very happy with my progress so far this year...I have certainly focused on 28mm more, I have updated my painting style and am starting to really get a feel for it...I just recently started adapting it to 15mm, outside of the 'star wars' theme, so I'm curious to see how my results go.  As far as additions to lead mountain, I have kept them pretty tight this year, I just bought a box of Soviet WW2 infantry this past weekend and this is the first purchase I've made that wasn't related to a birthday or fathers day my 'bought' numbers are a little off as I have to count up all the gift-additions...but I'm pretty happy nonetheless.
28mm - 58
15mm - 17

28mm - 53
vehicle - 1

15mm - 0
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: +14


  1. Nice Work, Stanley! Love the mud/weathering!

    1. Thank you Tim! I appreciate the's taken me a bit to get a weathering process that I like and that I'm consistent at.


  2. Those look good, I think the brighter green also shows the detail better on the table.

    Once I get my airbrush going again, I really need to finish off my Soviets. (And, I guess, we should probably play a game with them again!)

    1. Thanks agree, I really like the brighter shade...makes me wish I'd adopted this scheme at the beginning, lol. I'll have to dust off my Canucks and finish them up so your Sovs have an opponent!

  3. This stuff is looking really good. The lighter green looks ace.

    1. Thanks Greg...I must say, I do agree, I'm finding the lighter green much more eye catching.