Sunday, 17 September 2017

Some Reaper Recruits

Hello folks,

I hope everyone is would appear that we are presently into the second coming of 'summer', the temperatures of the past week have certainly stood out as the highlight of the past few months and especially given the cool trends we were having at the beginning of the month.

Personally, I'm good with the cooler weather, but we also didn't have our normal summer in this neck of the I see why folks are pretty pumped.

I thought I'd share with you a few Reaper pieces that I finished near the end of July, beginning of August...I really do like the Reaper pieces...there's a lot of character in the individual figures and the Pathfinder series of minis are outstanding.

I'm trying to kickstart some posting momentum so I'll keep this only relatively short and simple and let the pictures do the talking.


First off, for our more advanced treks into the Northern City, we have 'the Overladen'...a great looking fig, packed down like a good little pack mule hauling the treasures and necessities for an adventuring band.

slightly different aspect...looking downwards toward the figure...

I'm not sure if I'd trust that chicken...looks a little off coloured...not sure if it's supposed to be supper or a trap for beasts...

A couple of great aspects of all the various kit that our apprentice/pack mule is carrying...the figure itself was a lot of fun to paint, the main challenge being the identification of all the different kit and ensuring a consistency of colours amongst the pieces of kit and the ways they overlap and cover each other up.

The next figure I have is from the Reaper Pathfinder is Merisiel the Iconic Elf Thief.  I really like the various 'iconic' figures they first attempt was with their Iconic Skald which I'm really happy with how it came up.

So, inspired by the Iconic figures, I am slowly and deliberately putting together a separate Company of Adventurers all based on these figures.  When I saw Merisiel, I automatically thought she would be perfect as a Treasure Thief, she literally has a buttload of well, depending on the rule additions, etc. she could easily serve as an assassin.
So, to keep some consistency amongst my Company, I wanted to make sure that each figure had at least some green within their paint scheme, the Skald was fairly subtle green trim showing beneath his leather robe...for Mis, there is more to see, however I did not make it the primary colour of her outfit.

Various profiles...the figure took a bit to come to life for me...I had tried at least 2-3 variations on the main colour schemes before settling on the blue and green...another great figure that I'm very pleased with.
While I can't 100% remember...I think I received the Skinsaw man as a Christmas or Father's day gift...I wasn't certain how to get it to work in the company, BUT, I really liked the look of the figure and the character of the figure...and after reading some of the backstory to the Skinsaw man I was more determined to include him into the warband.

Again, I made sure to add some green in the figure, but reading the various Frostgrave characteristics of the different wizards, I thought that the Skinsaw Man would be an excellent Fire Elementalist...and to help emphasis that I tried to make his jacket look as closely to fire as possible...getting the jacket to this point was really enjoyable and I can't even remember how many layers I invested into this look...I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end...I used VJ Red (vermillion I think) and then introduced a small ratio of bright orange with each layer.  The last layer or two was a heavily watered down bright orange applied deliberately in select spots.
Painting so far in 2017:
28mm - 58
15mm - 11

28mm - 53
vehicle - 1

15mm - 0
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: +8