Monday, 4 September 2017

The Walking Dead - Battle Report

Howdy all,
So it appears that the summer is nearly over...the days are getting a little shorter, the sounds of children crying and screeching as they head to school is nearly upon us, the temperatures are getting to the single digits overnight (not that I can complain about the temps this summer, we really didn't have our crazy over 40 degrees heatwave with humidity on top), and my near annual hibernation break from the internets seems to be coming to a close.
Of course not that I have been MIA from the painting table, it does get a little difficult to take my painting on the road when we go on vacation, but I can at least put some models together and attempt to plan my painting moving forward...attempt... of the last things I did before my hibernation was to get an afternoon of gaming in with Mike and Duncan.  Zombies have been on our mind lately and both of the guys had bought into Mantic's Kickstarter for The Walking Dead.  I have attempted to watch this show on occasion, sorry folks...I am not a fan, however I do like zombie I was happy to give it a try.
So, for your gaming reading and pleasure, I give you my battle report for The Walking Dead.  If you happen to read Mike's blog, then you may have already seen his version of events here.
I can't recall the scenario...but generally there were 3 groups of survivors with my group (Mad Max...the boss, Elvis, The Giggler...obsessed Joker cospalyer, and an average Joe) in a section of trees and an abandoned RV park.  Duncan's group (Rick, Caarrrrllllllll, and a couple of others) was in the Buy-Mart next to the RV park, and Mike's group (secret agents and robe wearing dudes) was near a gas station across the street.
My guys spread themselves along the treeline...there's an RV ahead of us that might have some loot...and you can hear the low murmur of shambling zombies...

Overhead view of the table...Duncan's in the blue Buy-Mart, Mike is up at the top left of the table

We make our way to the RV, Joe looks in a window and grabs a first aid kit...his quick movements have brought a shambling zombie who slowly makes its way around the RV.

Keeping noise to a minimum the group gets to the fenceline and makes their way to the gate...there are a couple of zombies in the, ninja quiet...

Elvis makes his way to the graffiti where there is another supply cache, he pulls up another first aid kit...and the ninja quiet plan kinda went out the window as he and Max dispatched a couple of zombies to get can see in Buy-Mart there are a few hordes that Rick and Caaarrrllll are taking care of...

Overview shot of Mike's group trying to make it out of their barricades...they keep getting knockdown hits but can't seem to get a kill...very frustrating for Mike...very entertaining to watch...

Another of Duncan's survivors is fending another horde...there were a few moments throughout the game where conditions triggered extra zombie spawns...Duncan couldn't seem to get a break...the zombies looked to be converging on the Buy-Mart...I eventually stopped placing them there...but that's irrelevant to this...

The 'threat' level reached a tipping point and all groups had to exit the map within a couple of turns...I was able to get Joe and Elvis off the table with their loot...

Mike tried intervening in our of his agents took a couple of shots at our group...Max paused long enough to put two barrels of hello downrange and killed Mike's agent...I think we made our point...

The group of survivors was able to exit, I think Mike got most of his...and I think Duncan was able to get half his group off.
Overall, I enjoyed the game...I like the escalating threat level...maybe its called rage...can't really remember...but I did enjoy the mechanics and flow of the game...I curse both Mike and Duncan as it now appears that I will have to buy the core set and see what else I can pick up...bugger...
Take care.


  1. The Threat level is just called Threat -- though rage does sound more menacing.

    The neoprene mat that Mike brought looks really good in the pictures, I didn't have a very good view of it during the actual game.

    We should try and get another game in soon

    1. I'm definitely up for another game...I had forgotten about Mike's vinyl mat, it does picture well.