Friday, 24 November 2017

Reaper Pathfinder - some new recruits

Howdy folks,

Not having had a consistent posting schedule these past few months has meant that a lot of my painting projects end up reaching completion and then wait on the work bench in the picture queue.  While I haven't kept up the pace, blog-wise, I have tried to keep consistent with my painting nonetheless.

Amongst the juggle of ongoing painting projects and larger force development projects I have had a warband project for Frostgrave subtly brewing over the past months.  The sole reason I started collecting from the Reaper Pathfinder line of figures was to assemble an 'iconic' looking band of adventurers for exploring and battling in the Northern City.  I definitely want the figures to stand out and look grand on their own rights...I'm not just looking for a stellar wizard or goal is to have all the figures of the company to project a lot of character.

So far, I think I'm achieving that goal...

I hope you enjoy the pics...any comments and advice are always welcome.

The Dwarf Ranger

the whole reason I picked this figure was the monster axe and dynamic pose of the figure...getting into the painting I realized just how many different elements were in this figure.  It took me a while before I had a cohesive colour plan main requirement was to have green showing somewhere...

The Low Templar
Another great looking figure with some large hand weapons, the Templar was an interesting looking figure...not necessarily in a dynamic action pose, I thought it really captured the traveling adventurer really well.  These were also the first couple of figures that I had chosen for the company that I elected to have green be more than just a peripheral colour...I really wanted it to stand out...

I had some difficulties when painting the flesh and had some trouble with getting the face tones to my liking on half of his face...given the lines that were popping up, I thought I would show some experience in his face with some battle scars and utilize the lines that were making themselves dominant...and to be honest were getting in the way when I tried to give them an unblemished tone.
The trio presented a fun addition to the figures...painting them roughly at the same time gave me a bit of pause as I tried to make sure there was cohesiveness between them and with the other figures, BUT, to also make sure each figure had some character to them.
Thanks to google, and Reaper's image gallery, I can say there are some pretty amazing paintjobs out there and I really hope that I've done these figures justice.  It certainly was not my goal to try to directly emulate any of the paint schemes, I nonetheless want them to look appealing when compared with other examples...
Salim Ghadafar
I found this figure to be very challenging...I think I must have repainted his base colour at least 3 or 4 times...each time I was trying to stay as dark as this case I was hoping to more closely emulate the image from the Reaper gallery, Salim G.  I thought that the colour looked pretty sharp...however once I got started I ended up going with a darker/navy type blue that more closely resembled my Merisiel paint job...
The figures work well together and I like the paint scheme I ultimately stuck with.  Again, I was having some trouble with face tones as well as some residual metal on the face...there was a 'dot' of metal stuck near the left eye of Salim, I couldn't get my eye colour technique to work well and I was really reluctant to carve the eye socket out and have to repaint the instead I painted a battle scar slashed across his eye...
I like the end result and am really happy with the adventurer look it gives him... 
-my camera was giving me troubles and I couldn't get any decent pics...even after switching cameras I only ended up with 1 usable picture...sigh-
So with a half dozen figures to work with, a few more still to come, I give you the beginnings of... The Rhino Company of Adventurers... 
A few or many years ago, I was working on some fiction that involved a reference to a mercenary unit...I'm not sure why, I must have been subconsciously inspired by 'The Wild Geese', Mad Mike, and stories of African adventure...I ended up settling on the name The Rhino has since stuck in the back of my mind in many of my gaming adventures and here I give you the first official history of the company and their auspicious beginnings as a collection of Felstad and Northern City explorers.
Painting so far in 2017:

28mm - 79
15mm - 54

28mm - 108
vehicle - 1

15mm - 132
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: -115


  1. Impressive and beautiful characters, excellent job and nice details!

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    2. Sorry, typo in my previous reply...

      Thank you Phil...I appreciate the feedback!

  2. They all look excellent, nice colour choices for the whole group and some top notch painting. I take pictures with a grain of salt anyway (always better in person eh) so great work all round!

    1. Thanks Ragsta...I still feel like I'm battling the camera, but I'm still trying. Thanks for the feedback.