Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Keep on Walking...Dead, that is...

Howdy all,

Having recently joined the ranks of the Walking Dead...at least Mantic style...I am happy to have another batch of post-apoc, TWD completed.  I recently had some success and enjoyment with this game, getting through one of the expansion packs and a prison-set game.

The Lori Pack

The Prison - Battle Report

While I have never been captivated by the show, I can certainly appreciate the artwork and original story that inspired the television portrayal...I can also appreciate the portrayal of the various characters by the actors.  Some I recognize from other works...others I do not...but I must say, there are few characters that while "I don't know"...I kinda "do know"...but Negan is certainly one of those that I have no idea, but boy I sure know of this character...and I do like the actor.

The Negan pack has 7 different pieces in it and was a lot of fun to paint up and experiment with the different schemes for each character.  The pack has Negan (of course), Abraham, Michonne, 2 walkers, a bag of guns (awesome loot token), and Rick's badge (for game play, this is used to signify who has initiative).  All in all, each piece was pretty fun...also because I have no real context for the show or comic, I had to head over to Mr. Google and get some research in...which does bring its own brand of entertainment.

I have a bunch of pics...I took the chance to dig up my 'real' camera...an older Canon and take pics with that and my phone to try to work on my photography work...I think my lighting was definitely better than before and I have a nice stable platform for taking pics...I just have to work on focus points...

Enjoy the pics...and as always, got something to say, add, or help me improve...always welcome.
 The contents of the box and the crew...2 game pieces, 3 survivors, and 2 walkers...
Michonne with the Kill Bill sword... 
The walkers...these guys do provide some challenge getting skin tones that are believable but also varied enough so that all my zombies don't look just brown or green toned.  For these 2, I used browns and greens in layers along with normal flesh tone to try to get a sense for rotting flesh that is transitioning from live...not sure how well I captured it, but I'll have more practice as I slog through the main box 
The game pieces...I have seen a few nicely painted Sheriff badges online...either a really nice bronze or silver...maybe gunmetal? But I wanted to try something different and searched to see what Harrison Country badges currently looked like...it was an interesting collection of metal and cloth badges/patches...from there I settled on a scheme and went to work...I like the traditional bronze badges that I've seen, but I do really like how this one came up and really makes the eagle pop... 
Lead Mountain Progress - Expedition 2018


28mm: 10
15mm - vehicles: 4

Purchased - 0

Progress - +14


  1. Very nice, I like the sponge stand to hah. The amount of effort that went into the badge is pretty funny to me. It does look great thou!

    1. Thanks Mike...I can totally set you up with a stand like that, lol...just think of the badge as something worthy of Ed