Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Last Group of Stormtroopers - Imperial Assault

Howdy one and all,

Just a quick post as I get back to a little Imperial Assault painting...I finally managed to get the last batch of Stormtroopers from the core set completed.  I had already gone through the majority of the troopers and some additions from the expansion blister.

First Group
Second Group

With some distractions from The Walking Dead, Team Yankee, and Flames of War getting in the way it felt pretty good knowing there were no more Stormtroopers on my workbench.  I used the same technique as I had with all the previous others (thank you Sorastro!!) and am very happy now that I finally have a way to consistently paint up white.

I hope that the blahs have evaded everyone out there...any advice or constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Take care folks! Here are the pics...

these last 3 will round out what I need to have 2 complete sections of troops...the only thing missing for these sections are the heavy troopers...they're in the queue...and they'll be done down the road.

Lead Mountain Progress - Expedition 2018

Painted - 3

Purchased - 0

Progress - +3


  1. Nice work! Congratulations on being ahead by 3 on your Lead Mountain Expedition.

    1. Thanks Codsticker! Yeah, positive numbers can be pretty rare, lol...I may have made a purchase or two since this post, lol...Cheers.