Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Past Games...Part 1 - Team Yankee

Howdy folks,

Another day, another evening of a mixed bag of weather...tonight it is snow with freezing rain and drizzle...apparently overnight; so it should be rather interesting in the morning.  As I said after Solo and the Fett Man, I wanted to post up some pics from the last few games that I had last, for the most part, I cannot remember the exact game details, BUT the games themselves were still very entertaining and were an opportunity to get the figures on the table.

To kick these posts off, I have a Team Yankee summertime firefight involving NATO (Can-US force) and Warsaw Pact (I believe mostly East German).  The points were roughly 100-150-ish per side (heavy on the ish).  For me, this was a chance to get some 4 Brigade troops on the table, in this case a command Leopard C1 (in panthers clothing, 2 platoon of 3 x C1's, and a half battery of M109s (while still in their primed suits, they do have the proper long barrels).  If I recall, Mike fielded a Marine force of hummers...and stuff, oh and some really critical cobras.

Duncan was the bad guy...he had a bunch of East bloc kit...tanks, bmps, oh my...a bunch of stuff to get in the way...can't remember the exact make up...I'm sure he had some AAA in there as well.

Anyway, I think the scenario was a reserve type engagement with NATO attacking and East Germans having stuff in reserve until turn 3...standard FoW fare.  While the west was pumped, they sadly did not have the metal behind them to put a big dent in the WP force...I'm happy I got the models out, but some better rolling on my part...and some much more worse rolling on Duncan's really would have helped the situation.

Anyway, the table looked good, the models were fine, and the afternoon was very entertaining.

Enjoy the pics.  Cheers.

Initial setup - right flank...guns on the edge, C1's leading.  Enemy troop carriers at the opposite crest of the ridge

Steady advance on the right...I totally forgot to take pics of the left...

a boatload of hurt coming across the pontoon bridge...commies everywhere...

1. some more pics of games.
2. some pics of the first painted figs of the year, completed in January.
3. some pics of a new game I just picked up as well...


  1. That first picture where you can see just rows and rows of tanks in reserve really gets my thoughts on this hah.

  2. That was a fun and rather ridiculous game. My favourite bits were the T-55s trying to flank Mike's remaining M1 as it backed away and at the beginning when I was so focused on the fact that the BMP-1 guns could penetrate the Leopard's front armour that I forgot they had missiles!

    I have my airbrush working again so I should finish up all my commie stuff.

    1. Thanks was a very fun game...I have to get to the rest of my Canucks and fill out the rest of the tank company...hopefully later in the year.