Saturday, 28 February 2015

More Great War heavy metal...British Mark IV's...and weathering...

Evening folks,

For your viewing pleasure I have a couple of Battlefront Mark IV tanks from their new Great War can get these on their own or they come along with the British army box.  Overall, the model went together really issue with the sponsons, tracks, or the hulls.  There is some construction required with the top rails, but these went on fairly easy with minimal finger gluing...always a good sign.

As for the painting...I used the colour guide found on the Great War landing page on the Flames of War website.  The colours seemed a good match and I actually enjoyed painting these hulks up a lot.

I went a little further with the weathering than I did with my German tanks...with the standard green paintjob, the weathering was guaranteed to show much better on these ones.  I tried a couple of different techniques with subtle changes...the main layers stayed the same: Vallejo Flat Earth, Vallejo Beige Brown, and then Vallejo US Tan Earth.  The first time I went from darkest to lightest...the second go...which I think went better, I went from tan earth to flat earth.

I have plenty of pics to look at, so enjoy and see which worked best for yourselves.  I'm not sure which I liked the most...but the first technique forced me to weather higher up the sides than the second for thought

Weathering steps:

Technique #2...tan earth first...tank on the left for comparison

Second layer, beige brown...applied closer to the bottom of the tank track, does not extend up the side as far as the tan earth layer...leave some tan earth to look at...

Third layer is the flat earth...the tank on the left I went a little higher up the pops out much clearer, the tank on the right, I tried to stay near the track, leaving the tan earth, but also leaving the beige brown exposed.

I finished the weathering off with a Strong Tone wash applied to only the flat earth layer...and to random streaks along the hull side...some finished pics:

Final layer of strong tone wash to highlight the 'heavier' mud painted on with the flat earth...