Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Force on Force - Yom Kippur '73 After Action Report

Howdy folks,

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to get some gaming in at the club.  We had our general meeting and a table opened up last minute so I ran a Force on Force scenario from the main rule book with some help from the boys.

My buddy Mike already posted about this as well so it will be very interesting to compare the different perspectives.

The scenario was from the 1973 Yom Kippur war with Syrian armour pushing hard to hit the Isreali's and push past the Golan Heights.  The scenario is ideally suited for 2 players, but FoF tends to get a good crowd at the club so for the first game we expanded the forces and ended up with 9 x T55s (all battlefront models) and initially 3 Centurion Sh'ot tanks (mix of battlefront and QRF I believe).  For the first game the IDF had one rank novice to FoF the other had played in the past a couple of times and the Syrians had 2 experienced FoF gamers.

The area terrain comes courtesy of my buddies Duncan and Ed...I believe this piece is earmarked for some Afghan scenarios in the future.  For the first game we treated the terrain as being steep slope with the crest spanning the entire top of the feature (ignoring the large trench/valley).  The Syrians had some great rolls in this game and the IDF really could have gotten much more love from the dice games end, the IDF had 6 Sh'ots deployed and could not contain the Syrian horde...some very good shooting.

We ended fairly abruptly as it was General Meeting time, but picked up afterwards with round 2 of the same scenario with the belligerents swapping sides.  This time we deployed 4 Sh'ots and waited for the rounds to fly.  The result was fairly similar with the IDF loosing the fight and the Syrians able to bring fire to bear...just like the first game, any hits on the IDF typically resulted in kills or main gun inops, while the Syrians took the full range of mobility, firepower, suppression, etc damage.

All in all, much fun was had by all and for me it was a great opportunity to share GM'ship with some experienced folk to back up the questions.

Now the pics...

Game 1, looking out at the Syrian horde...

Charging forward, hits exchanged...
Syrian left front...
Making a break to the right side...


Second game...Syrian view, 4 Sh'ots on the hills...

IDF taking some punishment
The end is near...




  1. Nice looking game, this mountain is really impressive!

  2. I have run the Booster Ridge scenario in 3mm with the tanks 1 for 1. Never a good thing to be Syrian.

  3. I've played it a few times myself and have had a mix of results...mostly with IDF victory. It would be impressive to see in 3mm.