Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tomorrow's War - Peacekeepers

Howdy folks,

In line with my to-do list for the years projects, I elected to tackle some of the wip pile on my workbench...a while back I bought a variety of figs from Rebel Miniatures, amongst them a command pack of Earthforce soldiers.

That was then and NOW, I took the opportunity to put some paint to them.  I had only bought the command pack but thought I'd somehow find a purpose for, these 7 figs have been press ganged into Tomorrow's War to serve as peacekeepers.  I don't forsee doing a complete force at the moment, however any scenario would benefit from a few extras.  Looking at their helmets, I suppose they could even work in some CoD inspired near-future game...

I thought I'd try a serpentine/lizard type camouflage pattern for these troops and to be honest I wasn't certain how they were going to look...then I hit them with a heavy dark tone wash and some buff and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Enjoy the pics...comments and advice is always appreciated.