Thursday, 4 September 2014

Great War Germans - WIP

I was pretty pumped last night as I finished off the first of my 28mm WW1 Germans...this of course being in preparation for my entry into the First World War with Battlefronts new line.  I have to admit I like the flexibility of taking pics with an iPad but my photos so far have come out decidedly impulse is to suspect lighting but it seems to happen everywhere...

As for the mini, it is from the North Star Figures "Great War Miniatures" line from the stormtrooper blister...or maybe it was labelled trench raider...better minds will prevail.

I have a few pics, first, I took a page from Roundwoods World and painted the base first...I wanted to portray the fig as moving through some very muddy patches, complete with duckboards, etc.  I painted the base colours in 5 steps starting with burnt umber and finishing with Iraqi sand...the pic has the paint numbers...I am working on four figs so I painted each fig according to the order that I used the colours...the only colour not represented is the dry dry brush of Iraqi sand (buff would also work)...

Thanks as always, comments are always welcome.  Cheers.

Painting bases: 1) basecoat in black with the rest of the model 2) burnt umber 80/20 paint to water 3) flat earth 90/10 paint to water 4) dry brush with beige brown 5) very dry brush with tan earth...highlight edges and areas as desired...I chose timber edges and piles of mud/dirt, and then 6) very very dry brush with Iraqi sand...
Finished product...


  1. That guy looks great, really like your basing.

    On the yellow picture thing, I have had the same problem before. A few things I did to get whiter pictures was stop using a incandescent light bulb and get one of the fluorescent ones, take pictures against a white background, use a flash, check the white balance on your camera, do a quick edit of your photos before uploading and auto enhance, this usually fixes the yellow issue a bit. I have picasa, a google based ap on my phone, I assume there is something similar for ipad you could get.

    So are you planing to get some 15mm stuff or paint a load of 28s?


    1. Thanks Mike...I have about a platoons worth of 28mm...but I think I'm going to go to the 15mm dark side. I have this idea of doing a vimy or passchendaele table for 2017 and 15mm fits better for it...

      Thanks for the photog advice...I'll let you know how it works.

      Take care.