Wednesday, 10 September 2014

World War 1 German Stormtroopers

Howdy folks,

As promised in my previous posts...I was able to finish up the first four figures from my batch of North Star Miniatures WW1 Germans.  IIRC the figs are from North Star's "Great War" line from the stormtrooper blister and without a lie were very enjoyable to paint up...OCD aside, lol...

I consulted Mr. Google and Mr. Osprey very heavily before I started painting these troops up...I wanted to make sure that I got the colours right and really wanted to take care in the basing and painting of these figures.  I had taken some pics from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa during a previous visit and used these as the basis for my colour choices.  I was also able to find a great pic online from someones Twitter feed (I apologize, I cannot remember their name) and followed this up with Osprey Publishing's book on the German Stormtrooper 1914–18.

I wanted to use these figures as a means of testing a number of uniform and colour combinations as well as get comfortable with a process and look that I could easily transfer to 15mm as well...I'm very happy with the results and the weathering...

As always, thanks for the views.  Feel free to hit me with any comments, questions or advice.

Take care.

The always crucial...research, research, research...


Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario...

...This is how the Beatles did it...well maybe, without the grenades and gas mask...


  1. Great looking figures, any chance you could list the colours (paint reference etc.) you used?


    1. Hello Matt,

      Thank you. I will try to decipher my notes and palette to get something up this weekend.


  2. Great job, and a very nice post too!

  3. Have you used these guys on the table yet Stanley?

    1. Sadly not yet Paul...I seem to have an unending stream of distractions...I'd currently blame Battlefront and North Star, lol...