Sunday, 29 November 2015

Crusader Warband...warriors up!!

Howdy folks,

I recently finished up the last touches on my Crusader Warband for SAGA...the final touch was the 1 point worth of warriors.  The figures are from Fireforge Miniatures...they are the first plastic minis that I've worked on, painting and assembly wise.

While I'm still not used to the lack of weight to the figures, the sculpts themselves look really good.  The ability to have multiple options and to really make each soldier unique depending on how you configure it is kinda neat...I like the idea that the models can be really personalized beyond just how you paint them up.

So, for my first foray into plastics...neat!

Hope you enjoy the always, comments and advice are always welcome.


The Warriors...eight crusading soldiers fighting for God...

Two random figures...lots of pop-able detail in each figure.

The entire Crusader Warband...6 points worth.


Duncan said...

The shields are really good and I like the way you have done the leather jerkins.

I should have my Moors in a playable state this week.

Stan M. said...

Thanks Duncan.