Sunday, 15 November 2015

Unintentional hiatus...or...where's my gaming mojo?!?!

Howdy all,

In a blink of an eye and a flurry of activity and October and part of November are, that felt quick and horribly long all at the same time.  The past six odd weeks ended up being an unintentional hiatus from blog posting as life got very busy...and to be honest...

However, the over the past week, it looks like it's coming back...over the hiatus period I managed to paint through about 2/3's of a Great War infantry platoon, about 90% of a SAGA warrior unit, and a couple of other single random figures...the mojo looks to have come back as of last weekend.
I played in a SAGA tournament including my, <sheepish look> unfinished warriors, and got home and finished them up and then started base coating and flocking figures and stands of infantry...hooray!!

So, with that I think I can safely say...

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